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Aeotec Z-Wave TriSensor


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Three unique sensors crafted into TriSensor’s compact housing. A motion sensor to monitor a room’s occupancy, a temperature sensor to manage its environment, and a light intensity sensor to manage connected lighting. Z-Wave Plus certified. Includes 1 x 3V CR123 lithium battery.

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Aeotec Z-Wave TriSensor

3 built-in sensors... one smarter home.

Three different sensors are crafted into TriSensor’s impossibly small finish. A motion sensor to monitor a room’s occupancy, a temperature sensor to manage its environment and a light intensity sensor to manage lighting.

Aeotec TriSensor - Motion


Accurate up to 9.5 meters.

Aeotec TriSensor - Temperature


-10 ~ 50°C with accuracy of ±1°C

Aeotec TriSensor - Lux


0~30000 LUX with ±3% accuracy.


Light Sensor
Motion Sensor
Temperature Sensor

TriSensor makes your home smart.

Every Z-Wave smart home depends on data for truly intelligent automation; automation that makes a smart home actually smart, responsive, and secure. TriSensor provides your smart home with its most essential data.

Aeotec TriSensor - Lights your day.

Lights your day.

TriSensor knows you’re home and when it’s getting dark, it can then automatically brighten smart lighting. Smart rules can be set up via a Z-Wave gateway so that TriSensor brightens rooms gradually and then switches off lights when rooms are no longer used.

Aeotec TriSensor - Lights your way

Lights your way.

Never search for a light switch during the night again. Capable of detecting motion even when it’s completely dark in a room, TriSensor can turn on Z-Wave enabled smart lights, including Nano Switch or those connected to Nano Dimmer.

Aeotec TriSensor - Lights your cameras.

Lights your cameras.

Indoor security cameras suffer from poor quality if recording in low-light. TriSensor fixes that. If motion is detected and you’re not home, they can turn on connected lights so that any security cameras, indoor or out, record enhanced footage.

Aeotec TriSensor - Controls your comfort.

Controls your comfort.

With TriSensor, your room will never be too hot or too cold. It’s ambient temperature sensor monitors a room’s temperature with ±2% accuracy and can automatically adjust heating and cooling systems connected to your Z-Wave Gateway Controller.

Aeotec TriSensor - Instant notifications.

Instant notifications.

Whether you’re using it to power a Z-Wave security system or just to know when your loved-ones are home, TriSensor can be used to trigger the alarm and send immediate notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected and you’re not home.

Aeotec TriSensor - Adjustable sensitivity.

Adjustable sensitivity.

TriSensor's motion sensor can distinguish between adults, children and pets - up to 9.5m away. You can easily calibrate and adjust TriSensor's sensitivity to make sure your automated Z-Wave scenes only react to the movements you want to detect.

Place it anywhere.

At only 45mm squared and 37mm deep, TriSensor is really small - weighing in at only 50 grams.

Aeotec Z-Wave TriSensor - Size

This means it can be placed almost anywhere in your home. TriSensor offers 4 different installation possibilities...

Aeotec TriSensor - Corner Mount

Corner mount

Aeotec TriSensor - Shelf Mount

Shelf mount

Aeotec TriSensor - Flush Mount

Flush mount

Z-Wave control compatible.

Built upon Z-Wave Plus and enhanced with S2 security, TriSensor isn’t just capable of anonymously gathering data and controlling individual Z-Wave devices in your home – it’s capable of being part of complex gateway routines that can power if-this-then-that and AI based smart home control.

TriSensor vs. MultiSensor 6.

Meet TriSensor's big brother...

Aeotec Z-Wave MultiSensor 6

MultiSensor 6

Compare the differences...



MultiSensor 6


Motion, Temperature,
Light intensity (lux)

Motion, Temperature, Light intensity (lux),
Humidity, UV, Vibration


Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave Plus




Mains Power


USB (5V)

Battery Power

1 x CR123A

2 x CR123A
(not included)

Battery Life

Approx. 1 year

Approx. 2 years

Wireless Range

Up to 150m

Up to 150m


45 x 45 x 37 mm

46 x 46 x 40 mm

Additional Information

Name Aeotec Z-Wave TriSensor
Brand Aeotec
Model ZWA005
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $69.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Review by Adrian Cantrillon 22/04/2019
    Avoid these - the MultiSensor6 are much better and have wider compatibility. I ordered a few of these and have been disappointed - nothing to do with SmartHome who have been excellent, but this product is bad.
  • Value
    Freezes ALL the time
    Review by Timon 16/04/2019
    As per other reviews (and even on other sites). This just doesn't work for long before it stops working and detecting motion. I cant see how this can even be sold. You WILL have problems.
  • Value
    Dont Purchase
    Review by David Wilsonon 8/04/2019
    Avoid. I have experienced nothing but issues with these failing in the motion detect mode. There are a number of articles on the web confirming this is not an isolated issue. On contacting the manufacturer support the response was to change the default wakeup time which had no effect. 6 jammed over last week. Appears the device is not compatible with the HC2 when looking at the manufacturer site. Purchased these as the Sensor 6 motion range was less than stated in their advertising. Was hoping these would be the answer. Terrible experience. Brad has offered to exchange for the Sensor 6 (many thanks) but I just need these to work rather than exchange. Hoping a negative review will make the manufacturer fix these.