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Chuango Large Home Security Starter Kit


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This kit includes everything you need to protect a large home or business premises - including the award-winning Chuango G5 Security Console with wireless 3G communication and RFID reader built-in. Easy DIY installation - expand your system now or in the future.

Kit includes: 1 x G5 Security Console, 1 x RFID Remote Keypad, 5 x Wireless Motion Sensors, 5 x Wireless Door / Window sensors, 4 x Keychain Remote Controls, 4 x RFID Tags and Wireless Mains Powered Outdoor Siren.

RRP $1,108 - Save $309.

As low as: $799.00

Price as configured: $0.00

As low as: $799.00

Price as configured: $0.00

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Chuango Large Home Security Starter Kit Bundle   +$799.00

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Award-winning security made simple.

Voted Intruder Alarm Product of the Year (IFSEC & FIREX Awards), the Chuango G5 Security Console boasts an unobtrusive piano-white gloss finish that is easy on the eye, simple to operate and commands best-in-class security alarm features.

IFSEC & FIREX Product of the Year

Combined with the award-winning range of intelligent Chuango security sensors, sirens and remote controls, the G5 will become your trusted front-line defence in home and business security. Easy DIY wireless installation and setup.

Large Home Security Starter Kit

1 x Chuango G5 Security Console

Save money without compromising on features by installing the G5 Security System yourself - It's simple, no technical expertise required.

Programming and controlling the powerful Chuango G5 Security Console is easy using SMS commands or the free G5 iPhone or Android App.

5 x Wireless Motion Sensors

5 x Wireless Motion Sensors

Accurately detects for human body movement and effectively cuts down on interference and false alarms with built-in automatic temperature compensation and anti-draft technology.

5 x Wireless Door / Window Sensors

5 x Door / Window Sensors

The Chuango Door / Window Sensor is designed to detect when a door or window is opened - if the G5 Security Console is is armed (home or away) the alarm will be triggered.

1 x RFID Keypad

1 x Wireless RFID Keypad

Place this wireless RFID Keypad anywhere you would like to add convenient control of your G5 Security System - near a front door for example. You can also disarm the system using RFID tags.

4 x Keychain Remote Controls

4 x Keychain Remote Controls

With this lightweight remote control, you can easily arm (home or away) or disarm your G5 alarm system. There is also a panic button that will trigger the alarm in case of an emergency.

4 x RFID Tags

4 x RFID Tags

Simply hold the RFID Tag up to the G5 Control Panel and the system will disarm. You can also choose to send an SMS notification advising which user has disarmed the system.

1 x Outdoor Siren

1 x Mains Powered Wireless Outdoor Siren

Intruders don't like attention. This wireless outdoor strobe siren (12V mains powered) is a great visual deterrence. Includes a built-in strobe, loud siren and rechargeable backup battery.

Modern design

Who said a security system can’t be stylish?

Beautifully powerful

Most security alarms look like they were designed circa 1987. The Chuango G5 is different. From the outset it was designed to look beautiful, be unobtrusive and to blend seamlessly with any décor.

Beauty and brains

Don’t be fooled by its good looks. The Chuango G5 Security Console is driven by a powerful, state-of-the-art ARM Architecture microprocessor.

Powered by ARM

The G5 is the result of 40+ hardware / software engineers and wireless specialists working together to create the best DIY alarm system in the world.

Stay in control

If your G5 security system is triggered, it will immediately send you an SMS message (or call you) so you can take decisive action. You can also name your detection zones for easy identification.

SmartPhone SMS

Download your free G5 app from either the App Store or Google Play, and you get to control the entire G5 system remotely with a couple of swipes and taps directly from your smartphone.

SmartPhone Control

Security made simple

Security made simple

For the young and elderly in your family, simply give them an RFID tag to easily disarm the G5 system with a simple wave - There is no need to remember a pin code.

Juliette is home

Best of all, you can choose to receive an SMS message advising who has disarmed the alarm. This is ideal if you want to know when the kids have arrived home from school, or perhaps at a workplace you might like to know which employee has disarmed the alarm.

Setup – As easy as 1 2 3…

DIY security alarm setup - Step 1

Insert a standard 3G SIM card into the G5 console (optional).

DIY security alarm setup - Step 2

Mount and pair your wireless security accessories to the G5.

DIY security alarm setup - Step 3

Configure your G5 using the free G5 app (Apple and Android).

DIY Installation

DIY installation

Installation and setup is so simple, anyone can do it. No technical expertise is required - The system is completely wireless.

With no expensive cabling to run, no climbing around in the roof, and no labour charges, you'll also save a lot of money on installation fees.

Secure System

A secure security system

What good is a security alarm system if its not secure itself?

The G5 alarm system features secure wireless technology, anti-tamper detection and a backup battery system - you can rest assured that the G5 Security Systems is secure.

Self monitoring

Self monitoring

Insert a 3G SIM card and the G5 Security System will be ready to notify you at the first sign of trouble. Save on monitoring fees.

Choose to receive an SMS messages or phone call directly to your mobile phone, allowing you to take immediate and decisive action.

Control from anywhere

Control from anywhere

Not sure if you armed the alarm? No problem, you can SMS, phone or use the G5 app to check its status and, if necessary, arm it.

Never be left wondering if your home, office or retail store is secure - The G5 Security System has you covered.

The finer details

G5 Main features

  • Free Smart Phone App available from the App Store or Google Play
  • SMS & phone call alert on alarm activation
  • Inexpensive to operate on a Pre-Paid SIM card
  • Store up to 5 mobile numbers for SMS. Store up to 5 mobile or landline numbers for calling
  • Arm/disarm via smartphone app, keypad, swipe tag, SMS, remote control or free phone call
  • Customise zone names ie. Zone 1 change to Front Door PIR, Zone 2 change to Lounge Room...
  • Listen-in function simply by sending an SMS to the control panel
  • Use control panel to make phone calls
  • 1 speed-dial number location with dedicated speed-dial button
  • Wireless keypad(s) can be added as optional extras for arming/disarming
  • Away/Stay/Home arming (away for full arming or home/stay for partial arming ie. night time)
  • 24hr emergency alarm zone, ideal for panic buttons or smoke detectors
  • Built-in loud speaker for (95dB) siren and two-way talking (adjustable to silent, low or high volume)
  • Siren ring time adjustable from 1 – 9 minutes
  • Entry/Exit delay 0-300 seconds. Single Zone Entry/Exit delay 0-300 seconds
  • SMS alert for power failure, power restore and control panel low battery
  • SMS alert for low battery voltage in PIR and Door / Window Sensors
  • Control panel is mains powered with built-in rechargeable batteries (provides approx. 5 hours standby power)
  • 1,000,000 wireless radio frequency code combinations for maximum security
  • Supports 50 wireless sensors, 50 RFID swipe tags, up to 10 remote controls and unlimited outdoor strobe/sirens
  • One hardwired zone and one 24hr zone available for any hardwired sensors
  • You can easily expand your system anytime if your security requirements change
  • Simple wireless DIY installation

Small Home Kit

  • 1 x G5 A-TICK approved control panel with rechargeable battery back-up
  • 1 x 12volt C-TICK approved power supply
  • 5 x Wireless PIR (pet immune up to 25kg)
  • 5 x Wireless door/window sensor
  • 4 x Remote controls with 24hr panic button
  • 4 x RFID swipe tags
  • 1 x Mains powered wireless outdoor siren
  • 1 x Wireless RFID Keypad
  • 3 x Security warning stickers
  • 1 x Easy to follow setup operation manual
  • Batteries included in all items
  • Free Smart Phone App available from the App Store or Google Play
  • Suitable for a large size home, office or retail store
  • Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) A-TICK approved
  • 3G (Telstra/Optus/Vodafone) compatible
  • Self-monitor using a standard 3G SIM card (optional)
  • Can be used as a standalone alarm without SMS functions
  • Wireless transmitting range up to 40 metres
  • Exceptional after sales support
  • 3 year warranty

Additional Information

Name Chuango Large Home Security Starter Kit
Brand Chuango
Model G5-CK
Product Manual Chuango G5 Security Console (G5) Product Manual
Warranty 24 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    The wireless design works for us
    Review by June Con 23/01/2018
    This system was recommended to me by a friend ages ago, and I have since purchased it as we've had a few break-ins in our street recently. We are renting and can't run wires & cables everywhere, so the wireless design works for us. I like the fact it sends a notification to my phone if the alarm is triggered, or if my kids arrive home from school early.
  • Value
    Easy set up, good price
    Review by Martinon 9/05/2017
    Looked at a few different home security options online, found this to have the most features and very well priced.
  • Value
    Easy to setup and use
    Review by Sarahon 11/05/2016
    I was pleasantly surprised how easy this alarm was to setup. Been using the alarm for 3 weeks now without any issues. Thanks!
  • Value
    Top notch service
    Review by Gloriaon 5/09/2015
    Had a few issues with setup (completely my fault), your service and assistance was simply fantastic. Thank you. Alarm system is now working perfectly and I love it. Thanks again, I recommend you to all my friends.
  • Value
    Cannot get sim card to work
    Review by Bennyon 2/09/2015
    How do I activate my SIM card? It says I need a mobile phone to top it up. Please help.
  • Value
    Where are the cameras?
    Review by M. Gossmanon 1/09/2015
    I am extremely happy with my new alarm, thank you. Just one thing, where are the cameras for the app? Can I purchase them with smarthome - I cannot seem to find them on your website? Thank you again for a great alarm system (sleeping better at night now!). Kind regards, Margaret.
  • Value
    Great features at a great price
    Review by Yemenon 30/08/2015
    A very capable system that is working great for me. i do not hesitate in recommending the chuango alarm.
  • Value
    Works very well
    Review by Aaravon 29/08/2015
    This system works well. I upgraded to the solar siren and even during the past few months in winter with lots of overcast days it is working very well. Setup was easy with the app. No problems and very happy with my purchase.
  • Value
    To hard to setup.
    Review by Barryon 24/08/2015
    Took me 2 days to setup lots of phone calls.
  • Value
    Solid system and easy to use.
    Review by Marcoon 15/05/2015
    Setup was easy enough, placing the sensors proved to be more time consuming than I thought, I recommend you set aside a full afternoon (thought it would only take an hour - took about 4). Been using this alarm for two months now, no false alarms and has been very reliable. I highly recommend this system.
  • Value
    Works great
    Review by Clydeon 17/04/2015
    Dos exactly what it says on the box.
  • Value
    Good value for money
    Review by T. Schumeron 15/04/2015
    As far as value for money, this system is great. I am taking away 1 star for performance because the android app needs some work - it is hard to navigate between screens. Only a small thing, but also seems like it could easily be fixed (hoping a future update fixes it). Otherwise the system is excellent.
  • Value
    Very happy with my purchase
    Review by Rohiton 10/04/2015
    Great features, easy to setup and no false alarm (so far). The app needs some works, but I mainly use sms messages to use. Good system.
  • Value
    Excellent alarm system
    Review by Matthewon 8/04/2015
    This security system surpassed my expectations (which were pretty high). No issues so far, working perfectly. Recommended.