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From Jamie on 11/06/2019

Q: Hi, from my research the Hub cant learn new RF signals is this correct or has this changed ?

A: You are correct - it cannot learn RF. However, Homey is compatible with the Broadlink RM Pro, which can learn RF signals and then be included with Homey.

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From Osher on 24/04/2019

Q: Hello,
what is the specification of the product?
what is it's Z Wave freq?is it available on 916mhz???


A: Homey includes Z-Wave Plus (921 MHz for our region).

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From Neil on 16/04/2019

Q: Will you be making the Homey Pro available through your store? If so, when do you think it will be available?

A: We are not sure yet - Athom advise that the Homey Pro is probably only suitable for about 5% of users, we will gauge feedback to see if it is worth bringing this more expensive model to Australia. Stay tuned.

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From Ian Kemp on 29/03/2019

Q: Further to Duncan's earlier question...what is the expected range of the RF 433Mhz radio as I'm looking to control our Somfy RTS blinds (amongst other devices) throughout our 3-floor townhouse? As Homey doesn't mesh across technologies and assuming its RF 433Mhz range proves to be inadequate, what's the solution to extend the range? A second (or third) Homey? Any other (cheaper) device?

A: I doubt the 433MHz will cover a 3 floor townhouse. The best option would be the Broadlink RM+ Pro which supports RF learning and can connect to Homey over the local WiFi network.

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From Des on 24/02/2019

Q: Is this hub version 1 or 2?

A: Current stock is version 1 (with microphone and NFC).

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From Steve on 17/02/2019

Q: Is there a demo of the system available. Not the hardware but a simulation of the software front end to see how it works.

A: I am sorry to say you cannot run the Homey app in demo mode. However there are a number of videos on YouTube that will show the app functionality and interface. We also provide a 14 day return policy if you wanted to actually try Homey risk-free.

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From ken on 12/02/2019

Q: Fibaro hc2 has the option to add the second controller - can Homey be the second controller?

A: I am sorry to say no - the HC2 only allows another HC2 or HCL as a gateway connection - as far as adding a secondary controller to HC (or HC to another controller such as Homey) - Never had much luck with this and generally is a real mess. It would be worth seraching some Fibaro forums to see if others have succeeded where we have not.

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From alen on 27/12/2018

Q: Does homey work with AU frequency Z-Wave devices??

A: Yes.

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From Leon Song on 01/12/2018

Q: Hi, I've got Fibaro and other Z-wave controllers and sensors, and they work perfectly fine. But I do looking for the better solution to integrate the 433Mhz devices such as my garage door opener Merlin, also the auto gate with FAAC motors, and the motorised roller blinds with Dooya motors and controler at 433Mhz as well.

I had a quick read about the description of Homey, for the 433Mhz product range, just wondering if it'll support all 433 products or it only connects to the ones on the lis, or there's something the I should do some programming then to control them?

A: Homey will only connect to 433Mhz devices that are supported by a Home App ( - which is a lot. It is always best to check the Homey App store first.

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From Dale on 29/11/2018

Q: Is there a windows 10 phone app for Homey?

A: No, I do not believe a Windows 10 phone app exists for Homey - only Apple and Android.

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From Jamie on 23/08/2018

Q: Hi I am looking to replace a vera 3 with this I have quite a few Zwave in wall switches various brands quite a few DHS also lockwood deadbolt will they work with this controller so I can retire the vera 3

A: I can confirm that Homey supports all of the major Z-Wave brands (the only one I am not sure about is DHS modules - there is a good chance these will work as a generic Z-Wave device).

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From Raph on 21/08/2018

Q: Is there a list of all the compatible devices? In particular, is it compatible with Xiaomi zigbee devices? Is it hard to develop your own device handlers?

A: Homey is compatible with Xiaomi Zigbee - the App for Homey ( gets a very good rating, so I assume it also works well.

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From Duncan on 20/08/2018

Q: From my brief look at this controller, it would make the Fibaro Home Center 2 redundant in my home if installing it is that right?
Can they co-exist? Also, with zWave, devices talk to each other so the controller doesn't have to be in range of every device (mesh network) is this the case with the zWave support in Athom?
What if there is an iRobot out of range of the Athom (don't know what the range is) but in range of a zWave device? Could the iRobot still be activated or would another Athom need to be in range of it.
Can Athoms talk to each other like slave and master controllers in the Fibaro system over ethernet?

A: The Homey and Fibaro Home Center 2 are very different beasts... The Homey works with a lot more devices (non Z-Wave), the Fibaro Home Center 2 is still a very solid controller (mainly for Z-Wave).

Homey does take advantage of Z-Wave "meshing" - however it will not mesh different technologies.

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From Nick on 20/08/2018

Q: Hi guys this looks cool! If I have a Fibaro HC2, does this work alongside it, or replace it?
Also, it looks like it controls Somfy RTS blinds out of the box - is that right?

A: You can use them side-by-side, however not for Z-Wave - which only works with a single controller. Homey does support Somfy RTS.

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