Fibaro App - How to add Widgets to your phone

Easily access Fibaro scenes from Apple and Android phones and tablets.

The Fibaro App (for Home Center Lite and Home Center 2) includes a very useful Widget that can be used on Android or Apple phones and tablets to make it easy to trigger your favourite Fibaro Home Center scenes - without needing to open the Fibaro App.

What you will need...

Android Instructions

Android instructions

Depending on which version of Android you are running, the instructions below may vary slightly (these instructions are for Android Marshmallow) - however the concept remains the same and you should be able to easily adapt these directions for your Android flavour (Google is your friend).

1. Press and hold somewhere in a blank space on one of your home screen pages.

2. Select “Widgets”.

3. Scroll down to “Fibaro” Widget section and press and hold “Scene 1 x 1” (do not let go).

4. Drag the Widget to free space on your home screen and let go.

5. Select which Fibaro Scene you would like to trigger with your Widget.

6. Your Fibaro Widget is ready to go.

7. You can resize and/or move your Widget by pressing and holding.

8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 to add more Fibaro Widgets.

9. Now when you press on a Widget, your Fibaro scene will activate.

Apple Instructions

Apple iOS instructions

Setting up the Fibaro Widget on your Apple iOS device is really easy...

1. Swipe down form the top of your iOS device’s screen to access the Notifications Center.

2. Make sure “Today” is selected.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Notifications screen and press the “Edit” button.

4. Scroll down to Fibaro and press “+”.

5. Now press “Done”.

6. Press on “Configure”.

7. This will open the Fibaro “Widgets settings”.

8. Select up to 4 scenes to add to your Widget and press the “Save” button.

9. Now when you slide down from the top of your iOS device, you will have quick and easy access to your preferred Fibaro scenes.

It's as easy as that :)

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