The Smart Home Robots are coming!

Like it or not... The home robots are on their way.

The future is upon us! Robots will be invading living in our homes before we know it.

Within the next few years, we will see more and more home helper robots on the market – driven mainly by an ageing population and our seemingly endless need for more gizmos and whatsits in our lives (of which I am of course a big fan). Actually, I will make a bold prediction... Over a third of all households in Australia will have a robot of some kind living with them within the next decade! You'll see.

Now for the bad news. It will be a long time before we see robots cleaning dishes, ironing clothes and tidying up - you know, the useful stuff… However, we can live in hope. It has to start somewhere, right? Well, it has officially started...

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the home robots that are available to buy right now… if you have the money and a futurist’s pioneering spirit...



Manufacturer: Asus  -  Price: US$599

First off the rank we have the very soon to be released Zenbo from Asus. He looks a little like the love child of WALL-E and a Tamagotchi. Essentially Zenbo is an iPad on wheels, presumably with some extra sensors and mild intelligence built in. Just like the Daleks from Doctor Who, Zenbo is easily defeated by stairs - although perhaps a little less aggressive than a Dalek... Exterminate (via an over abundance of sickening cuteness)!


The following video contains scenes of extreme cheesiness & over-acting that some may find disturbing.

Viewer discretion is advised.



Manufacturer: RoboKind  -  Price: US$5,000

Out of all of the robots featured in this blog, Milo is the only real example of how robotics can really help humanity... now. You see, Milo was developed with one admirable goal in mind... helping autistic children learn and develop social skills. Milo teaches elementary and middle school age children the understanding and meaning of emotions and expressions, and demonstrates appropriate social behaviour and responses. Good job Milo.

DARwIn Mini

DARwIn Mini.

Manufacturer: Robotis  -  Price: US$499

Well hello there you cute little guy :)

DARwIn Mini is an entry level robot that is actually very talented - provided you put the time into programming him. However this is supposed to be made somewhat easy with the accompanying iOS or Android app. A bit of fun (for a lot of money).



Manufacturer: Robotis  -  Price: US$9,600

This is the androgynous big brother (or sister) to the DARwIn Mini above. He can follow and kick a ball! And... well isn't that enough? I'm sure DARwin-OP has many other talents - although at this price tag, I hope he can do a LOT more than just kicking a tiny red ball!



Manufacturer: Softbank Robotics  -  Price: US$7,500

Obviously the coolest robot on the block. There is just something about this little guy that I really like. Built more as an educational tool than a helpful robot. Don't be fooled though... for a nerd, NAO has some moves. Like, yeah... way cool!



Manufacturer: Softbank Robotics  -  Price: US$2,000

Pepper is apparently the World’s first emotionally aware robot. Designed to learn and adapt to your personality and mood, Pepper is probably the first real attempt at "humanising" the personality of a robot. I think they may have a long way to go...


The following video is terrible. Just really, really bad.

Viewer discretion is advised.



Manufacturer: Engineered Arts  -  Price: US$78,000

To be, or not to be...



Manufacturer: Kogoro Kurata  -  Price: US$1,300,000

I am actually speechless... watch the video and you will see what I mean. It's real, you can buy it on Amazon in Japan! Optional death-ray attachment is extra.

OmniCorp would be so proud...


The following video is simply terrifying and disturbing... on so many levels. Seriously!

Viewer discretion is advised.



Manufacturer: Honda  -  Price: US$2,500,000

I have saved the best for last. ASIMO is the most advanced humanoid robot on the planet. This guy is the real deal. First developed by Honda way back in the year 2000, ASIMO is now in its 5th generation of evolution. With a price tag of over $2,500,000... I really hope batteries are included!

This guy deserves another video...

SmartHome Robots - What's next?

Ahhh, the future... Can't wait to see what's next ;)