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Smart Home posted this on 22/03/2016

Once you have logged into your account, you can manage your personal information, view orders, view support tickets and more via your Account Dashboard.

How to access your Account Dashboard

To access your Account Dashboard, you must first have a SmartHome Account and be logged into your account.

Once you have logged into your account, you can access your Account Dashboard by clicking on your name in the top right corner of your screen (desktop browser) or by pressing on the "Key Icon" button near the top of your screen (mobile browser) and then selecting "My Account".

Below is an overview of the various sections of your Account Dashboard...

My Dashboard

From here, you can view a snapshot of your recent account activity and update your account information by selecting the appropriate Account Dashboard button.

Account Information

Here you can view and change your basic account details including your name and email address. You can also choose to change your password by clicking on the "Change Password" checkbox. Please be sure to click the "SAVE" button after making amendments.

Address Book

With your Address Book you can view, modify or add new billing and shipping addresses. This makes it easier to select your preferred billing and delivery address during the checkout process. It also makes it easy to update your details should you move home or perhaps want orders delivered to your workplace instead.

My Orders

Here you can view your purchase history with SmartHome. All of your previous orders will be listed - To view an order, simply click on the "View Order" link. If you would like to re-order the same product(s), you can click on the "Reorder" link and all of the items from your previous order will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

My Product Reviews

In this section, you can see any product reviews you may have left in the past. We appreciate honest and helpful reviews from our customers; your personal experience with a product may really help others. We also reward our customers who take the time to leave a product review with Reward Points.

To leave a product review, log in to your account and then browse for the product for which you would like to leave a review. Toward the bottom of the product page, look for the "WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW" section.

All of the reviews you see on SmartHome are real. We reserve the right to not publish reviews that are deemed offensive or unhelpful - in other words... be honest - but also be nice :)

My Wishlist

To wish upon a star! Or perhaps just a new piece of smart home kit. In this section you can manage products that you have added to your Wish List. How do I do that? Simple, when you are logged into your SmartHome Account, you can add a product to your Wish List by clicking on the "Heart Icon" usually located next to the Add to Cart button.

Your Wish List is also a great tool to help you plan your smart home setup. You can add notes to products in your Wish List, including perhaps room names or particular applications for a product you may have in mind. This way your smart home can grow over time, you don't need to completely deck out your home all at once - although don't let us stop you :)

Newsletter Subscription

Every once in a while we send out a SmartHome Newsletter to people who have subscribed to our mailing list. To date, over six thousand people in Australia and New Zealand have chosen to receive our newsletter (and the number is growing rapidly). We are actually quite proud of this... the main reason we believe so many people choose to continue receiving our newsletter is because we don't abuse our subscribers inbox.

When we send a Newsletter, it is usually full of useful information and resources - with the occasional exclusive special offer. We rarely send out a Newsletter more than once a month.

If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe to the SmartHome Newsletter - Click the checkbox next to "General Subscription"... and don't forget to click "SAVE".

My Credit Cards

Here you can choose to add or remove your credit card details for future purchases. This makes the checkout and payment process much faster. We do not store your credit card details on our database - your details are secured by eWay, Australia's largest and most trusted online payment gateway provider. Saving your Credit Card details is secure and completely optional.

Help Desk

You came to the right place for help. At SmartHome we have a sophisticated Help Desk system in place that ensures we respond to every query and scream for help... quickly and professionally. You can even rate our response, currently we have a 99.42% customer satisfaction rating - and we don't plan on letting it slip anytime soon.

If you need assistance or simply want some advice, let us know... we will be happy to help. Simply complete the "CREATE A NEW TICKET" form in your Account Help Desk section. From here, you can also check the status of any open Support Tickets and post replies.

My Reward Points

Money for nothing... well, not really. Craftily, you generally have to spend money with us to receive Reward Points. But it's better than nothing - and certainly more than what our competitors offer.

We reward loyal customers by giving Reward Points for every purchase you make with us. These points can then be redeemed later for discounts on future purchases. You can learn more about Rewards Points here.

When you are logged into your Account Dashboard, you can view all of your Reward Points transactions by clicking on "My Reward Points".

My Returns

The last resort. Here you can request to return a product you have purchased from us - either as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee or as a claim under Warranty. It's always a good idea to contact our support team first.

To request a return of product (also known as an RMA - Return Merchandise Authority) simply click on the "REQUEST NEW RETURN" button and complete the relevant information... don't forget to click on the "SUBMIT REQUEST" button when you are done. We will then review your request and get back to you quickly via email with information on how to complete your return.

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