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Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller


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By connecting the Vera Plus with all the smart devices in your home, it allows you to control them together in groups or individually to create custom solutions that fit your life. View and control your system from anywhere, for total peace of mind. The Vera Plus has four wireless protocols built in (Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth BLE), also a faster processor and more memory compared to the popular Vera Edge.

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One smart hub to rule it all.

The Vera Plus is compatible with an even wider range of smart devices that use ZigBee and Bluetooth - along with Z-Wave and Wi-Fi - This means you can connect with more smart devices and control them all from the same smart hub.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller

  • Control up to 200 Z-Wave devices - perfect for larger homes.
  • Works with popular devices using Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee or Bluetooth.
  • Faster processor with more memory for maximum performance.
  • Built-in WiFi router, gateway and firewall.
  • Remote access using your PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Simple user interface for easy setup and control.
  • Over 300 free downloadable Vera applications to expand your system.
  • Power supply and ethernet cable included.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Control

Complete smart home control.  

The Vera Plus is a fully featured Z-Wave Plus compatible Gateway Controller that enables you to keep connected to your home or business - no matter where you are.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Simple setup.

Simple setup.

Convenient interactive installation wizards guide you at every step.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - One touch control.

One touch control.

Quickly change lights, climate, security and more with one tap.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps.

Control your entire Vera system from any iOS or Android device.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Custom Scenes.

Custom Scenes.

Lights on when motion is detected, lock doors automatically, etc.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Geofencing.


Automatically trigger scenes when you arrive or leave home.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Advanced camera management.

Advanced camera management.

View all cameras together, add motion detection.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Energy monitoring.

Energy monitoring.

View energy consumption and make changes to save money.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Receive notifications.

Receive notifications.

When kids arrive home, employees leave, smoke detected, etc.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Stay secure.

Stay secure.

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere - with no monthly fees.

How it works.

Setup takes minutes.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - How it works.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Easy Setup 1.

Connect Vera Plus.

Connect the Vera Plus to power and then plug it into your wireless router using the supplied ethernet cable.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Easy Setup 2.

Access the Vera Dashboard.

Using any web browser, create a free Vera account and gain access to your powerful Vera Dashboard.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Easy Setup 3.

Add and control smart devices.

Start adding smart devices to your Vera Plus - including compatible Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices.

You are in total control.

Introducing your Vera Dashboard.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Interface

Once the Vera Plus is connected your wireless router, you will be able to securely access the Vera Dashboard from any web-browser - from anywhere in the World. Once connected, you have total control of your smart home.

From the Vera Dashboard, you will be able to...

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Control lighting.

Control lighting.

Take control of your lighting - set schedules, create scenes or simply enjoy wireless smart control of your home's lighting - from simple on / off control to dimmable lighting and LED strips.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Smart appliances.

Control smart appliances.

As our home becomes smarter, so do the appliances that fill it - Vera Plus allows you to include these smart appliances into a cohesive ecosystem... creating a truly smart home.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Create scenes.

Create scenes.

With Vera Plus, it is easy to group smart devices together to create intelligent "scenes", including "if-this-then-that scenarios" - whether it be for comfort, convenience, energy saving or security.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Set schedules.

Set schedules.

Routines... our lives are governed by them. Vera Plus allows you to easily create living environments that are perfectly tailored and in sync with the routines of your lifestyle.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Monitor security.

Monitor security.

Security is much more than just sensors and alarms - it's also about peace of mind. Vera Plus allows you to stay connected and monitor your property from anywhere - without any monthly fees.

Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller - Stay informed.

Stay informed.

Create notifications and stay informed on what is happing in your home. Receive an email or push notification to your smartphone when sensors are triggered or certain conditions are met.

The finer details

  • RF Protocol: Z‐Wave (Multilevel Command Class)
  • RF Frequency: 921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ approved RF for Z‐wave
  • Wireless range: Up to 40m
  • Z‐wave device type: Z-Wave controller
  • Status indicator: LED lights
  • Power supply: USB DC 4.75V to 5.25V
  • Max operating current: 100mA.
  • Application: Indoor use only
  • Operation temperature: 0 ~ 55 °C
  • Storage temperature: ‐10 ~ 80 °C

Additional Information

Name Vera Plus Z-Wave Controller
Brand Vera
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $299.00


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