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From Paul on 08/08/2020

Q: Hi,
With this device, while sending the foxtel signal to the second tv, can I watch "free to air" on the main tv (by changing the av input to tv) ?

A: Yes - this will work perfectly and without issue.

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From Alan on 18/07/2020

Q: I already have an actiontec system connected from a main room TV / Box and linking to a 2nd room tv. Question is can i get a third receiver to operate with the main sender for a 3rd room?? .

A: Yes - One Transmitter supports a maximum of 3 Receivers.

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From Fece on 18/07/2020

Q: Can I connect the sender directly to my Tv ( I do not have a set box)
I mean From Tv to Tv

A: Sorry to say no - as the HDMI on a TV is an input - not an output. You could use a digital settop box and send the signal to another TV

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From Rowdy on 19/06/2020

Q: I recently had to replace my Foxtel IQ3 box (the old one died), but now the bluetooth remote won't work from the next room where the TV is. It worked just fine with the old IQ3 box.

Any suggestions??

A: Just to confirm, the Bluetooth remote is not compatible with this product - we need a standard Foxtel remote. If you already have this, it could just mean you need to adjust the position of the IR blaster cable on the front of the Foxtel box.

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From Robert Wynne on 22/01/2020

Q: Foxtel IQ3 - need to transmit 15 meters through 4 brick walls to the bedroom.
I really need to know if the brick walls will cause difficulty.
Your assistance here would be appreciated.

A: I do not believe this product will work over this distances with so many brick walls to pass through.

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From Les on 30/12/2019

Q: Will the unit operate with Foxtel IQ4 box?

A: Yes, however you will not be able to view 4K channels.

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From Chris linay on 29/08/2019

Q: What adaptor do I need to run my av sender unit on iq4 my current one works well on iq2 not enough connection points on iq4 unit

A: The Transmitter includes an HDMI "Passthrough", so you will not require any further equipment. You will only need one HDMI connection from your IQ4 - this will connect to the Transmitter "HDMI IN" - we then take an HDMI connection from the Transmitter "HDMI OUT" to your main TV.

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From Pam on 06/07/2019

Q: I purchased this product recently and cannot believe the quality of the picture in the bedroom and there is no interference at all from any other appliances etc! Very pleased! I only have one problem. When I first turn the bedroom TV on I have no picture at all. I've left it for some minutes hoping it will kick in but it doesn't. However if I pull the power plug on the receiver for a few seconds and then reconnect, the picture comes in no problems. Any suggestions?

A: It could be that your first TV has made the "link" to your HDMI device - it would be worth powering off the connected HDMI device (I assume a Foxtel box), both TVs and both the Actiontec Transmitter and Receiver. then power on your Foxtel box, both the Transmitter and Receiver - then only power on the TV that is having the issue - hopefully this will create an HDMI link and fix the issue. Let us know if this has not helped.

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From Peter on 02/02/2019

Q: Using this device is possible watch two different channels on your first and second Tv.

A: No, it will only allow the same channel.

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From John on 20/01/2019

Q: Hi,
I have a Foxtel IQ4 box which uses a bluetooth remote. Will this bluetooth remote work in the room with the second TV and the receiver?

A: No, you will need an older IR Foxtel remote for the second room - the bluetooth will not bass through the HDMI AV Sender.

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