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From zac on 16/12/2017

Q: hi, i want to run foxtel which is HDMI input and just free to air TV which in the AV cords, does this system allow you to run both or HDMI only? im not very tech savy as you can tell.

A: Hi Zac, this product will only transmit HDMI devices (such as Foxtel IQ2/3). I hope this helps :)

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From Natan on 29/04/2017

Q: Hi I am interested in this.
But concerned as I previously had one that used radio and was poor quality with lots of interference.
How does this transfer the data? Via radio or inbuilt wifi or home wifi modem?
And will it interfere with my home wifi running on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

A: Hi Natan,

This devices communicates digitally on the 5GHx wireless frequency - however it does not join your WiFi network - nor will it interfere with your WiFi. As the signal is digital, you will not get any of the issues you experienced with the older analogue models. I hope this help :)

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From Mike on 30/03/2017

Q: I'll be using the MyWirelessTV HDMI AV Sender in the bedroom between a Foxtel IQ3 and the TV. The distance will be around 3m max (could be less), but need to check if it needs to be line of sight or not? I'm intending to wall mount the TV and my preference is to have the receiver behind the TV, and the transmitter on the floor (under the bed!). Unfortunately we can't (at a reasonable price) run an HDMI cable between the IQ3 and TV.

A: Hi Mike, From what you describe, the Actiontec HDMI Sender will do the job nicely. It is designed primarily to work over distances between rooms - so it will handle your setup without issue. I hope this helps :)

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From Marcus on 04/11/2016

Q: Can i use 2 transmitters and 1 reciever
The reason being i want to watch foxtel on my outdoor tv and then switch over and watch my movies on my blue ray player

A: Yes, this is possible. In fact, you can have up to 4 transmitters - each with 3 Receivers connected at any one time. You can easily switch between Transmitters from the Receiver using the included remote control.

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From Fox on 12/09/2016

Q: I am looking for a product that is able to stream movies from my laptop to the TV for my wife to watch them while I still can play games on that same laptop at the same time as well. Can this one possibly do that? And basically how much refresh rate I can get for this item?

A: Unfortuantly what you describe is not possible with this product. If your laptop has an HDMI output, you can only send what is being displayed on the screen to another HDMI device (TV).

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From Ian on 21/08/2016

Q: If I mount the receiver behind the TV, will I need an ir receiver cable as well?

A: Yes you will. Luckily an IR Receiver cable is included with the kit :)

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From JB on 07/08/2016

Q: Hi have Foxtel bluetooth remote with iQ3. How do I control the iQ3 from another room where bluetooth will not reach?

A: Hi JB, you would need to get hold of an IQ2 remote (they are available on eBay very cheap). I hope this helps.

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From Marcel Hilmer on 02/08/2016

Q: Hi, I have a Sony amp with Foxtel IQ2, Fetch and Apple TV connected to it via 3 HDMI ports and a HDMI out to an Ultra HD Sony TV. Can a single Sender be configured to work with all three devices? Further, in another room, I have a projector connected to a Denon amp via HDMI and then to a projection screen. Do I attach the Receiver to the projector or the amp? With thanks.

A: In theory, you should be able to take the output form the amp and pass it through the Actiontec Transmitter - provied your amp outputs audio via HDMI (some don't, so worth checking). I would suggest attaching the Receiver into the amp (not the projector). I hope this helps.

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From Eddie Sorensen on 03/04/2016

Q: can you connect this product to an a/v receiver via the HDMI out?

A: Yes, you can. However you want to make sure that your AV Receiver outputs audio over HDMI (some don't).

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From Damien on 21/01/2016

Q: The refresh rate varies each time the tv is turned on with the unit plugged in. This is particularly noticeable during sport. What can be done to optimise this?

A: Using the included silver remote control, please point it at the Receiver unit to access the system settings. Change the "Latency Mode" setting to "Gaming". This should significantly improve the refresh rate. I hope this helps.

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