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From Steve on 05/09/2017

Q: You said they can use momentary or latching switches, how does it know the difference?

Are the Aeotec Z-Wave Touch Panel, Model:ZTP01, momentary or latch?

A: Hi Steve, Unfortunately this is an old product that is no longer available. It has been replaced by the new Aeotec Nano Switch ( You can set the connected switch type either manually on the module (via button presses) or via software. The touch Panel would be considered a latching switch - however it is only compatible with the older module.

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From Ian on 29/01/2017

Q: Does this provide instant status updates when switched via the attached switch connectors.

Can it use both momentary and latch type switches?

A: Hi Ian, Yes, you can use both momentary and latching switches with this module. The module will also update its status when using switches. I hope this helps :)

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From Dylan on 19/12/2016

Q: Are there any similar relays higher rated? I've got a bore pump pump I want to control that draws 11amp.

A: Your best bet would be to wire a Z-Wave Relay into a "contactor". This will allow switching of a higher load.

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From Stephen Davey on 21/06/2016

Q: are they compliant with Australian Electrical safety standards ?

A: Yes, this product (as with every product we stock) carries all relevant Government regulatory approvals and standards.

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