Questions about Aeotec Z-Wave MultiSensor 6

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From Peter stone on 25/08/2019

Q: Will this work with the Ikea Tradfri gateway I have in my home, I’m told it runs on the Zigbee system.

Can I then bring it up in home kit to trigger lights?

A: I am sorry to say this product is not designed to work with Ikea - only Z-Wave controllers.

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From Zac on 23/10/2018

Q: Do these work with rechargeable Lithium CR123 batteries? These batteries are the same size, but as they are lithium polymer, they are 3.7v instead of 3v.

A: Yes, the rechargeable Lithium CR123 batteries will work perfectly.

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From David on 24/05/2018

Q: Hello, can this be used outdoors? Is it weatherproof?

A: No, this product is for indoor use only.

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From Sheree on 14/02/2018

Q: Can I use these in a walk in robe? Just the motion sensor part of it to turn the light on when someone enters? I note it measures light levels so I would not want it on during the day, if there was no light in the room. Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

A: Hi Sheree, yes - the scenario you describe is certainly possible - however it is worth noting that you would also require a Z-Wave Gateway Controller to allow all the magic to happen :)

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From Michael on 06/11/2016

Q: Hi. I'm building a new house in the next few months, and I was hoping to use the Multisensor 6 in most rooms. I'm also planning to have a ceiling fan in most rooms. Will a ceiling fan set of the motion detection? Basically, can I use a Multisensor 6 in the same room as a ceiling fan, and if so are there any installation instructions for best results? I read the manual but couldn't find any mention of fans.

A: Hi Michael,

The ceiling fans may or may not be problematic... unfortuantly it is impossible to say for sure as each installation is unique. I am confident that with correct positioning and by adjusting the sensitivity for the MultiSensor, you should be able to get them working together without issue. It would be worth testing one before rolling out to your entire home.

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