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Fibaro Intercom


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The Fibaro Intercom is an intelligent, elegant and multifunctional solution for those who always want to know who is at the door and what is going on around the house. The device allows you to take calls from the visitors not only when you are at home, but also when you are out. One screen - with an ultra-wide view of 180 degrees lets you see a detailed preview of all the devices installed in the house and around it.

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Your new Fibaro Intercom has keen sight, acute hearing, perfect memory and never sleeps.

Fibaro Intercom
Fibaro Intercom - Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

Fibaro Intercom - Full HD Video

Full HD Video

Fibaro Intercom - HDR Image Quality

HDR Image Quality

Fibaro Intercom - 180°  Wide Angle Lens

180° Wide Angle Lens

Fibaro Intercom - Excellent Night Vision

Excellent Night Vision

Fibaro Intercom - SD Card Storage

SD Card Storage

Fibaro Intercom - Perfectly Clear Audio

Perfectly Clear Audio

Fibaro Intercom - 2 Noise Reduction Mics

2 Noise Reduction Mics

Fibaro Intercom - Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics

Fibaro Intercom - Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Fibaro Intercom - Unlock 2 Gates / Doors

Unlock 2 Gates / Doors

Fibaro Intercom - Bluetooth Proximity

Bluetooth Proximity

Fibaro Intercom - PIN Code Unlock

PIN Code Unlock

Fibaro Intercom - Illuminated Dial Pad

Illuminated Dial Pad

Fibaro Intercom - Event Notification

Event Notification

Fibaro Intercom - Video Processor

Advanced image processing.

Everything about the Fibaro Intercom is state-of-the-art - including the advanced image processing chipset.

Full 1080p HD.

With HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) image quality.

Fibaro Intercom is a vigilant guardian, ready to serve you even in the worst conditions. It will not be deceived by nasty weather, poor light or too much light. It will always clearly show you the face of a visitor at your doorstep.

Live viewing.

FIBARO Intercom will not only serve you as a guardian, but also as a spy. Thanks to it, you may be able to peer into every room of your house at all times. You will discover all the secrets of your house like who steals sweets from your kitchen? Are the children really to blame or perhaps there is a gremlin living under your stairs.

Additional Information

Name Fibaro Intercom
Brand Fibaro
Model FGIC-001
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $1,699.00


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