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Fibaro Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor


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The Fibaro Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor monitors the opening and closing of doors, windows or nearly anything that opens and shuts so you can trigger automatic Z-Wave scenes, lighting control or include it as an extremely reliable part of your Z-Wave security system.

Please note: Random colour (black, dark brown or silver) will be supplied depending on stock availability.

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So easy - So many applications.

The Fibaro Z-wave Door and Window Sensor is a battery powered reed sensor. It's operation under the z-wave standard guarantees compatibility with all Z-Wave controllers.

This sensor expands the capabilities of Z-Wave by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors - virtually anything that opens and shuts. It can then be used to automatically trigger Z-Wave scenes, lighting control, access control and is the perfect addition to your Z-Wave security setup.

Installation of the Fibaro Z-wave Door and Window Sensor is simple - completely DIY and installs in minutes.

Available in white, beige or dark brown.

Reed sensor.

Installation of reed sensors in your home will provide your Z-Wave system with additional information, which can be used to control other Z-Wave devices. The module checks the condition of the opening and closing of any window or door. An opened window can prevent your Z-Wave system from launching heating or air conditioning in a particular room. Therefore, you will not be exposed to unnecessary costs. When mounting a reed sensor on the front door, you can turn on the lights automatically when opening the door and/or run a pre-programmed scene e.g. "Return home".

Reed sensor applications

In addition, the Fibaro Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor can be used as an unauthorised intrusion alarm sensor. These are just some of the capabilities the Fibaro Door and Window Sensor will add to your Z-Wave enabled home.

Reed sensor

Wireless controller.

Connect the Fibaro Door and Window Sensor input terminals to a typical wall switch and it can then control other Z-Wave devices. This allows you to place a wall switch anywhere and control Z-Wave enabled devices without ever having to wire cables.

Connect to switch

The number and location (or absence) of existing switches no longer limits the control of Z-Wave enabled lighting, appliances and Z-Wave scenes. The Z-Wave Fibaro Door and Window Sensor can easily and non-intrusively allow any switch to control any Z-Wave (or groups of Z-Wave) enabled devices.

Wireless controller.

Temperature sensor.

The Fibaro Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor works with the DS18B20 temperature sensor (sold separately). This tiny element is installed in the module inputs and added to the Fibaro System. Its installation is very easy. Simply place three leads into the inputs and secure them using the screws.


The temperature sensor can greatly expand the number of features available with the Fibaro Home Center Lite or Home Center 2. The reed sensor feeds the Fibaro System with information about an open door or window allowing the temperature sensor to collect the necessary data for automatic ventilation of a room without excessive cooling. The temperature sensor may also be used during the planning of a temperature profile to trigger scenes and other conditional events.

Temperature sensor.

Extremely compact.

The Fibaro Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor is extremely compact and is the smallest device of its type in the World. Its extremely lightweight and thin design makes it inconspicuous on any door or window.


Extremely compact.

Easy and fast installation.

Installation of the module is very simple. Just remove it from the box, open the case, remove the protective film on the battery and stick it on the surface with the double-sided tape (included). Low power consumption enables up to 2 years of battery life.

Battery life

Easy and fast installation.

Additional Information

Name Fibaro Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor
Brand Fibaro
Model FGK-101-107
Product Manual Fibaro Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor Product Manual
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $89.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Simple and it just works.
    Review by Danon 27/02/2017
    Having three of this sensors for over three months now, not a lot to review about, but they just work. I have even forgotten of them after the installation. I hope that the HC2 will warn me once the batteries will get close to a complete discharge.
    Highly recommended.
  • Value
    Working flawlessly
    Review by Fabioon 25/07/2016
    I am using openHAB on an old pc and, although you have to triple press the button for the pairing two or three times (and wait a bit) to have them recognised and paired, afterwards they work without a hiccup.
    Nice and small, they work as advertised.
  • Value
    Good product.
    Review by Dean Parryon 30/08/2015
    Very happy with my new door sensors. Using them with Home Centre Lite and works perfectly.