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From David on 26/12/2016

Q: Is there any relay switch I can use for a cooktop? 7.4kw max load. Thanks!

A: Hi David - Not "off the shelf". You would need to combine thsi module with a "electrical contactor" - essentially the module then switches the contactor which is able to handle larger loads. Hope this helps :)

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From David on 05/01/2017

Q: Thanks. Will any electrican be able to install this "electrical contactor"? Will I then be able to see the power used by the cooktop and remotely turn it off?

The product page says 'The output is not free from charge - It therefore does not enable a dry contact or a load to be control with any power voltage other than the input. Please see the older Fibaro FGS-222 for dry contact compatibility.'. What does this mean (in plain simple english, I have a very very very basic electrical understanding!)?

Also, with the double switch, does this mean that the maximum appliance it can support is 1500W (i.e 6.5A x 240V)? So practically, would you only install this in wall sockets that have dedicated uses (eg fridges, washing machines), rather than all sockets throughout the house?

A: Hi David,

Yes, any electrician will be able to install the contactor (it is very straight forward). You will be able to remotely turn on / off, however you will not get energy consumption readings (as the contactor is actually switching the load).

This new version (Switch2) does not have dry contact compatibility - so it has 240V on input and the outputs. In other words, you cannot supply 240V to the module and then control say 24VDC on the output.

I would not recommend putting micro modules behind GPO power sockets - it is far better to use a Z-Wave plug-in module such as the Aeotec SmartSwitch 6 ( I hope this helps.

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From Cheryl on 25/01/2017

Q: There is a note to say that Vera Edge is not currently compatible with the second control channel. When will the firmware update be made? Also, is this a firmware update to the Fibaro switch or the Vera Edge?

Also, in one of the responses above, you mention not recommending putting micro modules behind GPO power sockets. Why is this the case?


A: Hi Cheryl,

We are not sure when the firmware update will be made available by Vera - we have only been told "shortly".

With regard to the micro modules behind power GPO sockets - this is because the way GPOs are deisgned - where the switch mechanism is moulded and not accessible, it makes it virtually impossible to install micro modules.

Hope this helps.

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From Solanno Dias on 07/10/2017

Q: Hi guys, I am looking to add some feature lights (dimeable small LED starlights) but I only have one switch that connects with the main line in the centre of the room. As all the walls in this room are single brick walls (no gaps), the feature lights would need to be hard wired with the main light, i.e, both the feature lights and main lights would come up at the same time. However, ideally the feature lights would be independent from the main lights.
So I am looking for a smart switch that could be installed after my main switch (probably on the roof cavity) tha could then control both the main light and the feature lights independently.
Do you have any product to recommend? Looking forward to hear back from you.

A: Hi Solanno,

Thank you for your enquiry. If I understand your requirements correctly, I suggest using a Fibaro Double on/off module ( This would allow for independent control of each light from the smae module - you would still gain manual control form the switch (only grouped together) - however you would then gain control of each light independently through Z-Wave ( You will also need a Z-Wave Gateway Controller ( - this is the "brains" of the system and allows for control from smartphones etc. You could also use a Z-Wave remote control ( if you would like to gain control beside smartphones.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can assist further in any way.

All the best,


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From Michelle on 26/10/2017

Q: Hi
I note that back in January this year it was advised that the update to enable both channels to be compatible with Vera, has this occurred yet?

Also can you please clarify if you have a 2 switches say at opposite sides of the room to control on set of light(s) do you only need to put the fibaro controllers on one of the switches?


A: To our knowledge Vera have not fixed the issues with the second channel for this device.

For multi-way switching, you only need one module.

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From Doug on 26/05/2018

Q: If a light switch has an existing dimmer, do I remove that dimmer and replace with a normal switch, or can it still be operated ‘manually’?

A: It is possible to still use a an existing dimmer with an on/off Z-Wave module (however you will not have "smart" control of dimming - on "smart" on/off control).

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From Craig on 17/12/2018

Q: Is the second channel available for use in the vera edge yet?

A: Yes, it will now work - although there is still an issue with regard to speed -

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From Clark on 22/07/2019

Q: Hi, I'm currently building a house. Am I able to install the Fibaro Z-Wave switches during the rough out, and set up the Z-wave controller after I move in?

A: Yes. The Fibaro Z-Wave modules will work without being added to the Z-Wave controller (switches will still work). When it comes time to add them later, you can simply flick 9or press) the attached wall-switch 3 times quickly to place the module into "pairing" mode - this way the switches can be fitted off and you do not need access to the actual module to join them with the Z-Wave controller.

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From Steve on 18/12/2019

Q: Hi, we have 2 sets of ceiling LED downlights throughout our lounge room (8x LED downlights on one switch and 10 on the other) and both sets are set up as 3 way switches (i.e. can turn on/off from switches located on opposite sides of the room). Is the Fibaro double switch 3-way compatible and do we need to install one behind both of the exisiting light switches?
The current LED setup does not have a dimmer switch. I assume dimming could then be controlled via homekit with the addition of a Z-wave controller?

A: Yes, the Fibaro modules are compatible with multi-way switching - you only need one module. For dimming, you would need the Fibaro Dimmer 2 module - the Double Switch is only on/off (no dimming). You can control via HomeKit with a Z-Wave controller ( and the AutomationBridge addon (

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From Jayden on 27/07/2020

Q: I have the following set up on a 2 gang light switch and am wondering if this product will allow me both switch control and application control.

First switch - 1 way switch controlling several lights

Second Switch - 2 way switch controlling several lights

Thanks :)

A: Yes, this will work without issue - you will only need one module (the 2 way switch is fine and we can use the existing wires to control the module from the second switch).

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