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Fibaro Z-Wave Swipe Pad


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The Fibaro Swipe Pad is a wireless, battery or USB powered gesture-controlled pad that allows you to activate Fibaro Home Center or Vera Edge Z-Wave scenes or commands with a simple, contactless swipe of your hand. Currently only available in white.

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Discover the power of gestures.

Fibaro Swipe.

The Fibaro Swipe is equipped with the most precise 3D motion detecting sensor of its kind, which ensures flawless recognition of hand gestures.

It presents a new and innovative way of controlling your Z-Wave home automation devices and scenes in an intuitive and user friendly way.

Designed to delight.

Designed to delight.

Beautiful design.

Fibaro Swipe is simply perfect in every detail so it impresses in every possible way.

Perfect in every detail

The world's most innovative technology hidden beneath a beautiful, smooth elegant casing.

Stationary and mobile.

Fibaro Swipe can be powered by wire (Micro USB) or...

Micro USB

... by battery (4xAA), giving you ultimate flexibility.

4 x AA Batteries

Good morning :)

With a swipe of your hand you can start your day perfectly.

Open the curtains, gently turn on the lights, start the coffee maker and play your favourite wake up music.

That's the the beginning of a beautiful day, don’t you think?

Good morning.

Messy hands?

One swipe of your hand is enough to turn on the lights without getting the switches or wall dirty.

Quick, clean and convenient.

Dirty hands.

Control your devices.

Wave your hand and have full control over your sound system or home theatre.

Volume up, volume down, next song, start the movie...

Control audio devices.

Make life easier.

Despite all of its benefits, sometimes technology is simply too complicated.

Swipe makes your smart home easy to master - for anyone.

Make life easier.

Beautifully personalised.

When displayed, Swipe can be used as a stylish picture frame that allows you to easily change photos whenever you want.

Beautifully personalised.

Put it in on display…

You can put it on the dresser with your favourite family photos or hang it on the wall.

Swipe is not only powerful, it looks beautiful too.

Put in on display.

Or hide it away…

Swipe doesn’t have to be used as a picture frame. It's much smarter than that.

Swipe can be hidden too - under a counter or even inside a wall... for invisible, magical gesture control.

Or hide it away.

Wave goodbye…

Going out? With a simple gesture, Swipe can activate your Z-Wave "Leaving Scene"...

...which lowers your shades, turns off the lighting, activates the alarm and locks your doors.

Wave goodbye.

Fibaro Swipe. Magical in so many ways.

See how the impossible becomes possible...

Open the doors to your imagination.

Swipe is a technical masterpiece, which can be used in many unconventional ways. How?

It depends on you and your imagination. This extremely advanced device has limitless capabilities for you to explore!


Additional Information

Name Fibaro Z-Wave Swipe Pad
Brand Fibaro
Model FIBEFGGC-001
Product Manual Fibaro Z-Wave Swipe Product Manual
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $349.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Like it
    Review by Malcolmon 19/09/2016
    Bought this to use in the lounge room/home theatre area, works a treat (the kids can't figure it out, he he)
  • Value
    Very innovative product.
    Review by Gazmanon 14/07/2016
    I haven't seen too many truly innovative products in the home automation market for a while. This one immediately grabbed my attention. My experience with the Swipe so far has been excellent, I find myself using it a lot (I thought it would be more of a novelty before I purchased it). The only downside is the price. Maybe it will come down in price as they sell more. A lower price would make this product a "necessity" for me rather than a "nice to have". Overall though i'm very impressed with the Swipe.