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From Simon Cole on 04/08/2018

Q: Is the Fibaro HC2 an integrated security system as well? Or do you need to hook up a dedicated security system? Would really like to know as I'm about to start building a new home.

A: Yes, the Fibaro HC2 can act as your alarm system (it has a built-in alarm panel function) - however you would need to add a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to make sure it still runs during power outages.

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From Justin Sleep on 03/09/2017

Q: Is the Fibaro Z-Wave home centre 2 compatible with Apple HomeKit

A: Hi Justin, if you add our new AutomationBridge product to your HC2 - then you can control your Z-Wave devices and scenes using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Home :)

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From Ross Green on 25/05/2017

Q: The Fibaro controller is almost five times more expensive than the Vera Controller. What features does it have that warranty the higher price? Being a piece of tech as well, how long would you expect it to be before it is 'out of date'? Thanks!

A: Hi Ross, The Fibaro Home Center 2 is far more expensive than the Vera controller due to the fact the hardware is far more powerful - the user interface and functionality is also a huge step up from Vera. The Vera is a very capable controller for the price - however Fibaro Home Center 2 is simply in another class. Given that the Z-Wave controller is the "brains" of the entire system, it is an excellent foundation to build on - very reliable and powerful. I would expect that you could continue to use the HC2 well into the future (many, many years) before it became "out of date". I hope this helps.

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