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Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center Lite


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Fibaro Home Center Lite is a tiny device with huge potential. Control your Z-Wave enabled home from anywhere in the World using a mobile phone or tablet. Begin creating your own world centred around security, comfort, convenience and intelligence.

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Small... but incredibly powerful.

We have the honour to present to you a new dimension in smart home control – Fibaro Home Center Lite - The compact brain of the FIBARO Z-Wave system. Designed with your needs in mind - Your Z-Wave enabled home will become more intelligent, efficient, comfortable and secure.

Welcome to the World of Fibaro.

Fibaro have a great pleasure welcoming you to their world, in which the safety and comfort of your family are of top priority. Fibaro Home Center Lite makes your home your imagination. Created to fit your needs, and gives you the key to creating your own reality.

Welcome to the World of Fibaro.

Minimalism, simplicity and contemporary design are at the heart of the new Home Center Lite - but don't be fooled by its size - it is also incredibly powerful. Allowing you to create your own intelligent home, perfectly suited to your needs and desires.

Set up your command post.

You are in total control.

Your new command post for your home will be the Fibaro app, with its layout and functionality dependent on your decisions. You can create and modify tables, icons, names in such a way that you will always have those you find most important always at hand - customised by you, for you.

You are in total control.

User-friendliness and flexibility of the Fibaro app will make your intelligent Z-Wave system simple and straightforward. You will not need a university degree in engineering or computer science! The Fibaro app makes things easy, so you can get on with more important things.

Up to 230 devices in your home.

Perfect for new or established homes. Thanks to wireless communication over the Z-Wave protocol, you won’t require any modifications to your home's structure or any dedicated wiring. You can install it in any building, even if it is completely decorated already.

Up to 230 devices in your home.

Power management.

Save energy. Save money.

Thanks to the built-in power management functionality, using the Fibaro Home Center Lite and Z-Wave devices with power metering capabilities, you can monitor the current energy consumption and the power consumption history while being able to spot the devices consuming the most of it.

Energy saving.

Detailed statistics are presented as clear charts, helping you compare numbers and estimate bills. Not only will you conserve energy, you will also save a considerable amount of money.

Be alerted to potential threats.


At the first sign of trouble, The Fibaro Home Center Lite will immediately inform you of a threatening fire, flood, break-in or leaking gas (provided you have the appropriate Z-Wave devices installed of course). Fibaro Home Center can protect your home by cutting the water supply when pipes are leaking, or cutting the gas supply, ventilate your home and immediately inform you about it. Having discovered a break-in attempt, Fibaro will trigger the alarm, notify security and feed a live video stream from security cameras directly to your mobile devices.


Just the way you like it.

There’s nothing like getting back to your warm, cosy home, especially on a cold winter day. Using Fibaro you can start heating and set your favourite temperature while you are still sitting at the office. You will easily program the climate panel, through which your home will be heated to the right temperature on each day of the week, in defined hours.

Climate control.

Set the heating to the perfect temperature that will help you get out of bed easily. For nights, choose the temperature in which you sleep well and wake up relaxed. The Fibaro Climate Panel will make sure your home is always comfortable. You will also save money on heating and cooling costs.

Where are you?

Your home always knows where you and your family members are thanks to geo-localisation. When you leave home, the system turns off unneeded devices, arms the alarm system and simulates your presence to discourage thieves from breaking in.

While calculating your return route, the system will adjust temperature and run pre-programmed scenes. Energy saving, safety and comfort.


Size matters.

Fibaro have managed to squeeze the huge capabilities of the intelligent system into one, tiny box (90 x 90 x 33mm). Home Center Lite is a compact device that will spoil you with the comfort of managing your intelligent home through its easy operation and wireless communication. Miniaturisation and advanced technology will make impossible become possible.


Home Center Lite vs Home Center 2 comparison.

This comparison guide shows the main differences between the Fibaro Z-Wave Controllers - Home Center Lite and Home Center 2.

  Home Center Lite
Home Center 2
Processor ARM Cortex-A8 (720MHz) Intel Atom (1.6GHz)
Ethernet 10/100/1000 10/100/1000
USB - 4
Expansion Slots 2 -
Advanced Scene Editor Yes Yes
LUA Programming No Yes
Virtual Devices - LUA-based No Yes
Virtual Devices - Multimedia (HTTP) Yes Yes
Lili - voice control No Yes
VOIP - Voice Over IP No Yes
Case Plastic Cast Alloy
Dimensions ((LxWxH) 90 x 90 x 33mm 225 x 185 x 44mm

You can read more about the differences between Home Center Lite and Home Center 2 in our blog post... Fibaro Home Center Comparison.

Additional Information

Name Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center Lite
Brand Fibaro
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $649.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Playing Nicely
    Review by Harri Kon 21/03/2018
    I've read a few bad reviews on this product, so was initially hesitant, but am on a tight budget so no option to go for the home center 2. It was installed about 3 days ago, and so far it's playing nicely and actually working realy well.
  • Value
    Review by Rickon 30/09/2016
    Was very disappointed with the Home Center Lite. Smarthome were nice enough to allow me to return and upgrade to Home Center 2, and so glad I did. So much better in every way. Great service, thank you.