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Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob


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Beautifully designed and precision engineered, the Fibaro KeyFob is a battery-powered compact remote control that allows for easy and convenient control your Z-Wave enabled devices and scenes.

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Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Detail.


The perfect remote control for your smart home.

Control the lights, turn on music, manage temperature, close blinds, lock the front door and more...

Control virtually any Z-Wave device or scene you desire.

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Gateway Controller.
  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption.
  • Battery powered (2 years before replacement) and completely wireless.
  • Equipped with 6 easily recognisable buttons.
  • 30 different actions, single/double/triple click, hold for each button and sequences.
  • Easy to operate with confirmed actions by the built-in LED diode.

Watch the video.

Many possibilities.

Each button press responds to an option of 1, 2 or 3 clicks and holding a button down. That's a total of up to 30 combinations and possibilities.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Possibilities 1.

For the six sequences consisting of from 2 to 5 buttons. The sequences are recognised only when the KeyFob is locked.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Possibilities 2.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Portable

Small and portable

Keep your personal Z-Wave controller with you wherever you go, ready for your command.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Work

At home... or work.

KeyFob will quickly become your most valuable assistant, always ready to work.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Security

For comfort and security.

Open up a new dimension of convenience, while maintaining the highest level of security.

Quick and easy setup.

KeyFob can be added to your Z-Wave Controller in seconds.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Easy setup.

Assigning Z-Wave devices or scenes to KeyFob is simple.

You can even add multiple button-press sequences for expanded control.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Buttons.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Little hands.

Mindful of safety.

KeyFob comes with a fully configurable, automatic pin lock that effectively protects against accidental clicks or unauthorised use.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Security.

Perfectly designed.

KeyFob is designed and crafted with precise attention to detail.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Craftsmanship.

Its ergonomic and compact shape allows it to fit perfectly in your hand - and pocket - whilst raised buttons allow for intuitive operation.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Perfect design.

The intelligent Z-Wave remote control.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Features.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob - Packaging.

Additional Information

Name Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob
Brand Fibaro
Model FGKF-601
Product Manual Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob Product Manual
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $99.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Working perfectly with Home Centre 2
    Review by Jameson 24/04/2019
    This remote has been a great addition to my smart home.
    It has allowed me to power off and on lights, change alarm system statuses, start scenes to watch movies and control the status of variables / devices.
    I would like to try the Fibaro Button next but feel that this was a better value for money product for my setup.
  • Value
    Now works with Vera - a little tricky but all good.
    Review by Richardon 11/08/2017
    The keyfob is now supported in Vera, although the icon looks like a mushroom. Search for 'keyfob' when adding in the device. Adding it in is a little tricky - need to make sure it's awake and sitting on top of the Vera controller, and might need to keep waking it to enable it to finally synch - but once it's connected it works fine. Within Vera it supports 24 different actions (each button providing 4 different actions) - with each activating either a house mode or scene. Note that it is a scene controller - so you need to create a scene for each device or devices you want to manage.
  • Value
    Wont work with Vera
    Review by Benon 10/05/2017
    I just received mine only to find out that Vera do not support them at this time. Very disappointing.