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Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor


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The Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor is an incredibly small, intelligent, Z-wave enabled smoke detector.

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Small. Sensitive. Smart.

The Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor is the World's smallest and smartest wireless smoke detector.

Minimalistic design

Minimalistic design

Smooth lines, polished surface and small size... combined to make the most beautiful smoke detector ever made.

Visual and acoustic alarm

Visual and acoustic alarm

FIBARO Smoke Sensor will let you know of a discovered threat with multi-colour LED light and built-in siren.

Polished grille

Polished grille

The grille not only looks great but also lets in even the smallest amount of smoke, allowing for quick and precision detection.

Ultra small

Ultra small housing.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor is probably the smallest wireless smoke sensor in the World. Advanced production technology allowed to significantly minimise the sensor components, making Fibaro sensor the most advanced device of that type available on the market, and our company the leader in the manufacture of wireless smoke sensors.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor Size

Ultimate protection.

At first glance the shiny grille element may seem to be a piece of jewellery, however it's one of the most important components of this device. Its precision engineered design lets even the smallest amount of smoke into the sensor's chamber, allowing for quick and precise detection.

Ultimate protection

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor's grille is made of the finest quality stainless steel, with a large number of holes - Each one of them is electrochemically shaped, so that smoke entering the housing is quickly and accurately guided into the sensor's chamber.

Ultra small

Not only a smoke detector.

Heat sensor

Also a heat detector.

Some materials burn without smoking. That's why Fibaro engineers decided to include additional protection in the form of a temperature sensor. If the amount of smoke will not be enough to trigger the alarm, the device will still be able to detect a rapid change of temperature caused by fire.

Rapid temperature change or rise up to 54c is enough for Fibaro Smoke Sensor to discover a fire threat and report it so you can take immediate action. Only this type of smoke sensor provides high efficiency, regardless of what is burning.

One sensor... Many possibilities.

When Fibaro designed their Smoke Sensor, they tried to foresee all possible usage scenarios, from powering modes to compatibility with various alarm systems and wired or wireless communication. As a result, you can install Fibaro Smoke Sensor wherever you need it, regardless of whether you can connect a power supply, walls allow for wireless communication, or what type of wired alarm system you have.

Powered from battery or a socket

Powered from battery or a socket

You can connect the sensor to 12 or 24 VDC adapter if you wish. Or leave it in battery powering mode and enjoy up to 3 years uninterrupted operation.

Alarm systems compatibility

Alarm systems compatibility

Fibaro Smoke Sensor allows for integration with almost any alarm systems available on the market.

Wired or wireless

Wired or wireless

Thick reinforced walls interrupting wireless communication? You can connect Fibaro Smoke Sensor to an alarm hub with a wire.

Tamper prevention.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor has a built-in tamper prevention system. Any tampering with the device or attempt to dismantle it will be recorded and inhabitants will be notified about it. Smoke Sensor is an extremely important element of your home safety system, that's why any tampering with it is not allowed.

Any attempt to disconnect the power supply, steal the sensor or any other sabotage attempt will result in immediate reaction.

Tamper protection

Z-Wave range tester

Z–Wave range tester.

With its built-in Z-Wave range tester you can easily determine whether the place you chose for the Smoke Sensor allows for communicating with your Z-Wave controller.

When combined with the Fibaro Home Center Lite or Home Center 2, even if the Z-Wave network range is too week to allow direct communication, each of your Fibaro devices will repeat the Z-Wave radio signal - increasing the Z-Wave wireless range and allowing for installation in the farthest nooks of your home.


The Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor does not carry formal Australian certification and must therefore never be used as your primary smoke detection device - it is designed to supplement your Z-Wave system.

Additional Information

Name Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor
Brand Fibaro
Model FGSS-001
Product Manual Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor Product Manual
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $139.00


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