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Fibaro Z-Wave The Button


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The Fibaro Button is a compact, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus device and scene controller. Different actions may be triggered with one to five clicks or by holding the button down. With its small design and wireless communication, the Fibaro Button can be mounted anywhere you would like convenient control of your Z-Wave enabled smart home.

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Regular Price: $99.00

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Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Endless possibilities.

The Button.

One button... Endless possibilities.

Use it anywhere in your home or office. The Button is there for you whenever and wherever you need it.

The Button by Fibaro is more than just a push-button. It's a smart wireless Z-Wave wireless remote control - always ready for your command.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - 1 Click

1 Click.

Turn a light on or off with one click.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - 2 Clicks

2 Clicks.

Click twice to listen to your favourite playlist.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - 3 Clicks

3 Clicks.

Cool comfort is just 3 clicks away.

Click sequences.

The Button recognises up to six different actions... allowing you to control six different Z-Wave enabled devices or scenes.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Six actions

Compact with full mobility.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Dimensions

The Button is such a handy device. It suits your palm perfectly and you can place it anywhere your would like quick and easy control of your Z-Wave devices and scenes.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Handy

Precision engineering.

Powered by a long-lasting battery, The Button is completely wireless.

The highest production standards ensure the device is long-lasting and works flawlessly.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Precision engineering.

Watch the video.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - At home.

At home.

A universal switch for connected devices and customised scenes.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - At work.

At work.

Execute tasks more effectively and enhance productivity.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - For emergencies.

For emergencies.

Your ultimate help button that calls for assistance when you need it.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Advanced scenes

Advanced scenes.

"Scenes" are synchronised actions involving several Z-Wave devices. With The Button, you can run scenes with just one press.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Business

Perfect for business too.

Activate your imagine and find creative business uses for The Button - From customer service to automated tasks that save time.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Good night

Good night.

Press The Button and you can turn off the lights, lock the door and arm the alarm - All with one simple press of The Button.

Always close by...

Depending on your needs, you can keep The Button in plain sight or somewhere more discreet - always close at hand.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Always close by...

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Visible or hidden

Care for your loved ones...

Very convenient for family members that are feeling unwell.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Care for your loved ones...

For the entire family...

Assign a button colour for each member of the family or allow your children to turn them into little works of art.

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - For the entire family...

Feel at home at work...

Many features of The Button designed for home can be also used at work!

Fibaro Z-Wave The Button - Feel at home at work...

Additional Information

Name Fibaro Z-Wave The Button
Brand Fibaro
Model FGPB-101
Product Manual Fibaro Z-Wave The Button (FGPB-101-108) Product Manual
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $99.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Love the RED
    Review by Kristian Son 28/03/2018
    This is so "James Bond Villain" or maybe even "Dr Evil" - so I had to get it in red of course!
  • Value
    Simply awesome!
    Review by Danon 12/02/2017
    Initially very reluctant to spend my money on "a button" as I could not really see a use for it. But this thing is just so useful. It lives in my bedroom on the bedside table and due to its size I can't miss pressing it even when I can barely open my sleepy eyes. I used to have a remote fob beside my bed, worked well but image the look my wife used to give me every time I dropped the dam thing in the morning trying to grab the remote so I could press a button. With the Fibaro button I just simply press it and there is no noise. My wife wants now a button on her bedside.
    So easy to configure, too. A bit expensive, thought.