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Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi


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The powerful and small iTach Flex WiFi provides wireless IP connectivity to infrared (IR) or serial (RS232) components allowing for intelligent control of your electrical devices and audio visual gear via smartphones, tablets and other 3rd party apps and home automation systems.

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Take control of your remote controllable devices.

Seamlessly control infra-red (IR) or serial devices over a network and the Internet – from your smartphone, tablet or home automation gateway controller.

The iTach Flex WiFi provides a new level of automation and control flexibility without depending on line-of-sight, batteries, careful coffee table positioning, or flaky protocols.

What can you do with the Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi?

Here are just a couple of examples of what you can do...

Smartphone Universal Remote.

Turn your smartphone into a truly intelligent universal remote. There are a lot of apps available for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets that will allow you to create your own customised, powerful universal remote control.

Audio visual equipment

The iTach Flex from Global Cache has become the industry standard device that will allow these apps to control your infra-red and serial devices – including audio visual components, TVs, projectors… basically anything that can be controlled via infra-red (IR) or serial (RS232) connections.

Home Automation Controllers.

The iTach Flex works with home automation gateway controllers such as the Vera Lite, Vera 3, Fibaro Home Center Lite and Home Center 2. By adding the iTach Flex to your home automation setup, you can easily expand the capabilities of your smart home controller to include infra-red (IR) and serial (RS232) control.

Home automation controllers

Now you will be able to not only control your lights and appliances, you can also control all of your home theatre equipment as well. This will allow you to create customised home automation scenes that include dimming lights, turning on your audiovisual equipment and setting everything to the correct inputs ready to watch a movie, or Foxtel, or Netflix... all from the push of one button.

How the Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi works...

Connecting a certain type of Global Cache cable defines how the iTach Flex will function and interact with your remote controllable equipment. For example, connect a single IR emitter, a single IR blaster, or the Tri-Port Cable allowing up to 3 discrete emitters or 2 emitters and 1 blaster, or even connect the Flex Link Serial Cable that can be switched between a null modem cable type or a straight through cable type. The same iTach Flex WiFi can control any of these scenarios simply by swapping the connector on the Global Port.


Add to your network.

The iTach Flex WiFi connects to your home’s wireless router via standard WiFi (Ethernet version is also available).

iTach Flex Cables

Connect iTech Flex cables.

Depending on how you would like to control your devices, you connect iTach IR Emitters, IR Blaster cable or Serial RS232 cable to the Global Port on the iTach Flex WiFi.

Control your devices

Control your devices.

The IR blaster can control many devices by placing the blaster in front of the devices to be controlled. IR emitter cables are attached directly to the infrared receiver window of devices to be controlled.

iTach Flex Cables

Please note: iTach Flex IR Emitter, IR Blaster, Serial and Tri-Port Splitter cables are not included and must be purchased separately.

iTach Flex Tri-Port Cable

iTach Flex Tri-Port Cable

Allows up to 3 Flex IR Emitters, or 1 Flex IR Blaster and 2 Flex IR Emitters to be connected to toe the iTach Flex Global Port.

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iTach Flex IR Emitter Cable

iTach Flex IR Emitter Cable

For precise control of individual infra-red (IR) devices. The IR Emitter is placed over the IR receiving window on your equipment.

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iTach Flex IR Blaster Cable

iTach Flex IR Blaster Cable

For control of multiple infra-red (IR) controllable devices. The IR Blaster is placed within view of IR receiving windows on your equipment.

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iTach Flex Serial RS232 Cable

iTach Flex Serial (RS232) Cable

Allows direct control of devices fitted with a serial RS232 connector. Includes a gender changer for both male and female connections.

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The finer details

  • Power Input:
    • 5V DC@250mA (90 to 230V wall power adapter included)
    • USB micro adapter cable draws power from USB port (included)
  • iHelp Setup Utility: Downloadable iHelp software simplifies network discovery and setup, easily updates firmware
  • IR Learning: Downloadable iLearn software allows for the capture and playback of IR commands (from 20 to 200 KHz )
  • WiFi Network Connection:
    • Infrastructure and adhoc network types
    • WiFi 802.11g with on-board antenna
    • WPA/WPA2 (TKIP, AES & Mixed) - WEP 64 bit and 128 bit - WPS
  • Flex Link Port: 4 Conductor connection (TRRS: tip, ring, ring, sleeve)
  • Serial/RS232:
    • Male DB9 with automatic configuration sensing
    • 300 baud to 38.4 Kbaud data rates supported
    • Odd, Even, and None parity settings
    • Bi-directional with hardware RTS/CTS flow control
  • Flex Link Cables: Supports IR Out, IR Blaster, IR Tri-Port (3 IR ports) and Serial
  • IR Output: From 20 to 500 KHz
  • Control APIs - TCP
    • ASCII textual commands compatible with iTach and GC-100 protocol
    • Comma delimited, carriage return terminated
  • Control APIs - HTTP
    • New web-based control using HTTP commands with JSON payload data
  • File Storage:
    • Store web pages and files in a standard FAT file system
    • Accessible via URL from any location on or outside the network
    • Allows for web page control of your devices
  • Setup & Configuration: Integrated web server for easy configuration
  • LED Indicators: Power and connectors to indicate activity and status
  • Mounting Dock: Allows for simple installation in any location - Screw down the mounting dock and Flex units can be clicked in and out as required
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 31mm x 13mm

Additional Information

Name Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi
Brand Global Cache
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $259.00


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    Works great with Roomie
    Review by K Pon 5/09/2015
    I can confirm it works with Roomie perfectly.