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Homey Hub SmartHome Controller


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Homey combines all your wireless and smart home devices into a single, easy-to-use and smart system. With over 50,000 smart devices supported, your home will not only be smarter... it will also be unified into one clever, more secure and comfortable home.


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Your entire smart home... Unified.

Homey connects all of your smart devices... even different brands and technologies.

Homey Brands

Homey Brands

Over 50,000 devices supported.

Homey Apps.

Just like your smartphone, you can download Apps for Homey to further enhance its capabilities.

Homey Apps are always free - with 100's to choose from...

With Apps the development of Homey is always improving, expanding and moving forward.

Go with the Flow.

Homey's real power comes to life in the powerful Flow Editor.

Flows work like “When something happens, and this and that are true, then do that”.

Homey Flows

Using these powerful building blocks there are an infinite number of possibilities...

From a simple Flow...


Someone is leaving


It's going to rain


Say something

To more complex scenarios...


Someone came home


Today is
Ask a question


Say something
Play a playlist
Friday relax time
Set a color
Soft Blue

Automate your home

Flows are rules to automate your home, created by you.

Turn on the lights when you come home. Start your favourite music when you wake up. Buzz your phone when the mail is delivered.

With Homey Flow you can do much more with the devices you already own.

When I get home

Your entire home in your hand.

Control your entire smart home from one app.

Automate your home with Flow, play your favourite Music and save energy with Insights. Homey is the central hub for your smart home.

Homey App

Your music... Anywhere.

Homey plays your favourite music to any speaker.

You can even automatically start playback with Flow.

Voice control.

AutomationBridge - Amazon Alexa Logo

Homey - Amazon Alexa Text

AutomationBridge - Apple Homekit Logo

Honey - Apple Homekit Text

AutomationBridge - Google Home Logo

Homey - Google Home Text

Talking is fast, convenient and feels natural.

You can control Homey and its connected devices using your voice with Apple HomeKit*, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Homey - Voice Control

* Apple HomeKit and Siri voice integration requires the free HomeKit App to be installed on Homey.


Infra-red control.

Homey can control older AV equipment via the built-in 360° infra-red blaster.

Set the perfect movie time scene... dim the lights, turn on your AV Receiver and TV and enjoy the movie.

Homey - IR Control TV

Homey - IR Control

Watch the video.

Made in Holland

Designed in Holland and made within a short distance from the Athom office.

We therefore know that not only the manufacturing of Homey is safe & qualitative, but also that the working conditions are excellent.


Save energy with Insights

It's often hard to get insight into what your devices are doing all day long. Homey logs these events, so you can view them afterwards and see what actually happened at home.

Together with Flow you can even create rules that help you save energy.

Solar panels love Homey too.

Homey Solar Panels

When the sun is shining, your lights can definitely turn off. Homey helps you manage your energy in a smart way, even more when you have your own solar panels.

Homey shows you the energy production, even combined with that day's weather report. This way you can really understand what your solar panels are doing.


Your data is yours.

That's why Homey uses secure encryption everywhere and only gives access to you as the owner.

All your Homey data is stored locally, and is not shared with Athom or any 3rd party.


Homey stores all your data locally. No one has access to this data without your permission.


Only the people you invite have access to your Homey. Access can be revoked at any time.


Even when you log-in remotely, connections between Homey and and your smartphone are encrypted.

Homey - Wireless

Homey's wireless spectrum.

There are many wireless standards, because not every device has the same requirements.

Homey supports all of them...

Wireless - NFC

NFC — 13.56 MHz

Homey can read tags and smartphones with NFC.

Wireless - 433 MHz

RF — 433 MHz

Widespread frequency for low-cost wireless devices, like Lightwave RF.

Wireless - 921 MHz

RF — 921 MHz

Frequency for lower-cost devices with more data, like weather stations.

Wireless - 921 MHz

Z-Wave — 921 MHz

Z-Wave is a secure, wireless protocol optimised for smart homes.

Wireless - ZigBee

ZigBee — 2.4 GHz

ZigBee is the low-energy variant of Wi-Fi, with a few extras for domotics.

Wireless - Bluetooth

Bluetooth — 2.4 GHz

Bluetooth is mainly used for audio and sporadic communication.

Wireless - Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi — 2.4 GHz

Connects Homey with the Internet and other devices through Wi-Fi.

Wireless - Infrared

Infrared — 430 THz

Older AV equipment usually work with infrared remote controls.

Homey - Wireless Spectrum


4 GB Flash Storage
512 MB RAM
10 W Peak Power
Wireless Connectivity
Wi-Fi ® 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth ® 4.0 Low Energy
ZigBee ® 2.4 GHz
Z-Wave Plus ™
433 MHz
921 MHz
Infrared Receiver
Infrared Transmitter (6x)
NFC (ISO14443A)
USB On-The-Go
⌀ 12cm
Audio Output
Internal Speaker
3.5mm Stereo Jack
Bluetooth A2DP
Power Supply
Input: 100-240V~ 50/60 Hz 0.5A
Output: 5V ⎓ 2.0A
Power Cable
USB A to Mini-USB B, 1.8m

Additional Information

Name Homey Hub SmartHome Controller
Brand Athom
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 24 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $599.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Great experience for more than 3 years now!
    Review by RZon 10/07/2021
    I've had Homey for over 3 years and mostly had great experience with it.
    Most of the devices I connected via z-wave. worked flawlessly! I also connected it with Philips Hue, my Daikin wifi adaptors and Logitech harmony (IR blaster). The ability to integrate all the different technologies (Z-wave, IR, IP, etc) makes Home incredibly versatile !

    Another big plus is that Homey is somewhat developed for the typical user that likes technology but doesn't have the patience or time to code. For example, whilst I wanted to learn LUA (the programming language used by Fibaro HC2/HC3), I just couldn't justify learning a programming language just for my home automation stuff. With Homey, you still can do a lot of flows and programming, but with a graphical and intuitive interface within minute (plus you don't need to sit in front of a computer... all easily done within the mobile app!)
    There are a few caveats though.
    1- It can only connect with devices if there is a "homey app" that was developed for it. For instance, most of my Z-wave devices were Fibaro dimmers, relays, sensors, etc. and since there is an app for those, it just works! However, this brings a significant limitation... nowadays there are just too many devices out there and not all of them will work with Homey unless someone develops and maintain the app for it!)

    2- it's widely known that although Homey is Zigbee compatible, it looks like it doesn't work. I haven't tried zigbee, but every now and then I bumped into people complaining about it!

    all in all, I was way happier with homey than with Fibaro HC2. It was cheaper and it natively integrated with Apple HomeKit and Google assistant.
  • Value
    Review by Richard Orwinon 8/05/2021
    Flows What make this product brilliant I can set temperature fan speed air conditioning on cool
    Flows for LIFX I set colour set brightness and time on for all LEDs down-lights and Lamps
    Did not support all my devices but still extremely happy (dome Motion sensor )
    Z-WAVE near perfect integration
  • Value
    Very stable hub
    Review by Michael on 29/01/2019
    Fantastic device, very stable never missed a signal, need a better dashboard, other than that highly recommend
  • Value
    Lots of potential
    Review by Davidon 23/12/2018
    This is a great home hub, you can see that there is a a lot of big ideas that are built into the homey and lots of potential with community developed apps. though I found that some of the things were still in development, I bought a fair few aeotec switches, and the dual nano switch and wallmote duo didn’t seem to work straight from the get go. It was a pretty easy fix if you are semi skilled with computers, you just need to install the alpha version of the aeotec app to get them running. In saying that I had the Vera plus before and this hub out does it by a mile, there is a lot more features and it is nicely designed. I would definitely recommend it
  • Value
    Very easy to setup
    Review by Carlaon 14/10/2018
    Thanks for the recommendation smarthome - it was easy to setup and get going as you said it would be. Love the app, very nice and also easy to use. So far so good.
  • Value
    Love my new Homey
    Review by Vinceon 10/10/2018
    Hands down the best smart home controller I have every used. A big thumbs up from me. Thanks for the fast delivery, I will be back for more.
  • Value
    Rings around Vera!
    Review by Eddieon 25/09/2018
    Been using a vera edge for the past 2 years as my main controller and decided to upgrade to homey. Like night and day! Homey is simply awesome and a huge step up from my vera. Love that i can include so many different products (not just z-wave). A big thumbs up from me.
  • Value
    i was not expecting that!
    Review by Miloon 20/09/2018
    Homey exceeded my expectations in almost every way. A small annoyance that spotify support is a bit flakey at the moment, apart from that I am extremely happy with my purchase and enjoying the amount of control i now have over my home. A great product and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a lot of smart home tech and wants to bring it all together. A+
  • Value
    Awesome Product
    Review by Matthewon 21/08/2018
    I have had Homey from when it was first released over 2 years ago, its an awesome product with so much capabilities, With all the smart home devices it supports the things you can do to your home are brilliant, currently I have many different flows from a morning flow that starts a playlist on my sonos, waits 10 mins then turns on a bed lamp, which then turns on kitchen lights till a set time or it detects using the Homey app that I have left the house and triggers everything to go to sleep.

    Coming home the house will wake up lights will turn on in different rooms TV is turned on using infrared,

    Homey is highly recommended so many options and with new updates and apps coming out all the time its an amazing bit of hardware that will give you so much control over your smarthome!