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Globuild Horizon

Welcome Smart Home  :) 

Horizon provides the best fusion of sustainable living and contemporary innovation.

Your new Horizon home is also smart... very smart indeed.

Horizon - Vera Z-Wave Smart Home

Introducing your Smart Home Z-Wave System

(included with your new Horizon home... lucky you!)

Connecting and accessing your new Z-Wave Smart Home system is simple...

Vera - Setup 1

1. Connect your Vera to an ethernet port on your router.

Vera - Setup 2

2. Connect the power to your Vera.

Vera - Setup 3

3. Visit to log in to your Vera.

IMPORTANT: You can find your unique login details printed on the SmartHome card included with your welcome pack.

Horizon - Vera Z-Wave Smart Home App

Download the free Vera App 

You can control your dining, living and master bedroom lighting using your smartphone from the comfort of your sofa - or from half-way around the world. All with no monthly fees :)

Vera App - Apple App Store

Vera App - Google Play Store

Horizon - Z-Wave

Expand your Z-Wave smart home 

Z-Wave is secure, wireless and easily expandable.

Your new smart home is built on Z-Wave - the World's most popular home automation system.

SmartHome - Z-Wave Products

SmartHome - Z-Wave Products

SmartHome - Vera Introduction

Take control of your smart home

Here are some videos to help introduce you to your new Vera Z-Wave controller...

SmartHome - Help

We are here to help

Australia's largest and most experienced smart home specialist. We are the experts, so you don't need to be.

Please do not hesitate to contact us - we are always happy to help.

We trust you will enjoy your new Horizon smart home  :)