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INSTEON Premium Starter Kit


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This INSTEON Premium Starter Kit includes a broad selection of INSTEON devices: An INSTEON Hub, Plug-in Relay and Plug-in Dimmer modules, Open/Close Sensor, Motion Sensor, Mini Remote (4-button) and the award-winning INSTEON LED Bulb. If you are looking for a wide variety of control and response options for your home automation system, this Starter Kit is the perfect foundation for your INSTEON enabled smart home.

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Everything you need to instantly turn your home into a smart home

The INSTEON Premium Starter Kit includes a broad selection of INSTEON devices: An INSTEON Hub, Plug-in Relay and Plug-in Dimmer modules, Open/Close Sensor, Motion Sensor, Mini Remote (4-button) and the award-winning INSTEON LED Bulb (available in either bayonet or screw socket types).

Control INSTEON connected appliances and lighting, create schedules, build scenes and so much more, all from the palm of your hand. Add motion and open/close detection to your INSTEON enabled lighting and appliances for added security, convenience and energy savings. Easily control your INSTEON devices with the handy Mini Remote and your smartphone or tablet.

The INSTEON Premium Starter Kit is the perfect foundation for your INSTEON enabled smart home.

INSTEON Premium Starter Kit


The Hub provides for intelligent and automated control of your INSTEON system. Control via your computer, over the web or even via your smartphone or tablet using the free INSTEON for Hub app (available for iOS, Android and Windows).

Interact with your INSTEON enabled home from your lounge-room, office or even half-way around the world. You can also choose to receive instant INSTEON event emails or text message alerts - free. The INSTEON Hub keeps you connected to your smart home no matter where you are.

With the INSTEON Hub, you'll always feel at home.

INSTEON Plug-in Relay

Add INSTEON control to a plug-in appliance or lamp with the Plug-In Relay (On/Off) module. Save money by turning appliances off at the power source, avoiding expensive standby power consumption. Plug-in a power-board and you can control the power to multiple devices at once.

INSTEON Plug-in Dimmer

Add dimmable INSTEON control to any plug-in lamp with the Plug-In Dimmer module. Set the perfect scene and lighting mood for any occasion. Add a touch-of-class by adjusting the ramp-rate (how quickly your lamp turns on or off) between 0.1 to 5 seconds (0.1 seconds to 8 minutes with app).


The INSTEON LED light bulb replaces any standard bulb and can be controlled by any INSTEON controller. Get brilliant INSTEON dimmable lighting control as easily as changing a light bulb. Available in both bayonet and screw socket types.

INSTEON Motion Sensor

Trigger INSTEON responders or scenes through detection of movement and/or light levels. Walk into a room and the light will come on - Leave a room and the light will turn off. Adjustable settings including motion sensitivity and auto-off delay.

INSTEON Open/Close Sensor

The clever Open/Close Sensor wirelessly controls INSTEON enabled lights, appliances or scenes throughout your home, it is activated when things… well… open and close. It is even smart enough to turn your lights off for you when you leave a room.

INSTEON Mini Remote

This small yet versatile INSTEON Mini Remote fits in the palm of your hand and controls up to four individual INSTEON enabled devices or scenes. Raise and lower light levels for multiple lights or turn appliances on/off from anywhere in your home.

INSTEON for Hub App

Control devices

With the INSTEON Hub, remote control of your INSTEON devices is truly remote. Turn your switches on, off, dim and brighten from anywhere in your home or across the globe.

Build Scenes

The INSTEON Hub makes scene building fast and easy, giving you full control over your home’s lighting, appliances, thermostat and more.

Create schedules

With just a few taps, you can schedule your INSTEON devices or scenes to turn on and off at sunrise, sunset or anytime during the day or night.

Set your thermostat

It’s never been easier to adjust the temperature of your home; whether you’re in bed or heading home from work, dial in the perfect temperature with ease.

Monitor cameras

No need to switch apps to monitor your IP Cameras - do it all with our mobile app. Pan and tilt your INSTEON Cameras from anywhere in the world.

Check sensors

The Hub keeps track of every INSTEON door, window and motion sensor in your home, giving you instant updates.

INSTEON lives in the cloud

The INSTEON Hub stores your homes configuration in the cloud, which allows for secure access from any number of smartphones and tablets you or your family may own. Want to add another smartphone? Simply download the app, sign in and all your settings (devices, scenes, icons, timers, etc.) are there to enjoy.

The INSTEON for Hub app - Available free...




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Name INSTEON Premium Starter Kit
Model IN123456
Warranty 24 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $543.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    good value system
    Review by jasonon 6/09/2015
    had a few issues setting up but finally got it all working ok. very good value though. thanks.
  • Value
    Thank you.
    Review by Lorion 1/09/2015
    I am a full time carer for my son who has muscular dystrophy. Smarthome have changed our lives for the better in so many ways, thank you. I recommend you to all my friends and will be back again.
  • Value
    Light scheduling
    Review by Liveforfishingon 6/10/2014
    I purchased this kit so I can schedule some lights on and off when I go away on my fishing trips so my house still looks "lived in". The app is great, I find I use it for a lot more than just that now. The mini remote could be better, but overall I am very happy with my purchase.
  • Value
    Wish I could give 6 stars!
    Review by Paul Son 5/10/2014
    Works great and is lots of fun. Setup was easy and so far has proven to be very reliable. 6 stars!