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Netatmo Tag Door Window Sensors (3 Pack)


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Netatmo Tags are waterproof security sensors which you can place on your doors, windows, mailbox or virtually anything that opens and closes. You can then receive instant notifications directly to your smartphone whenever opening or closing is detected. As the Tags sense vibrations, they can also alert you even before an intrusion has occurred.

Requires the Netatmo Welcome Camera.

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A perfect pair.

Add these clever Tags to your Welcome Camera.

Netatmo Tags

  • 3 security sensors that detect opening and closing of any door/window and send notifications to your smartphone.
  • Easy to install: stick the one-piece Tag on almost anything that opens or closes.
  • Vibration detection: alerts you even before an intrusion occurs.
  • Open/close status sensors: lets you know if you accidentally left a window or the garage door open.
  • Convenient: wirelessly works up to 80m away from the Welcome Camera.
  • Only works with Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera (sold separately).

Watch the video.

Vibration and movement.

Most traditional door and window sensors (also know as reed switches) utilise two seperate parts... a magnetic sensor and magnet.

Netatmo Tags are different. A single, compact sensor detects both movement and vibrations.

Netatmo Tags - Door.

Know when a door is opened.

Place Tags on your doors or driveway gates to receive a notification when they are opened.

Netatmo Tags - Window.

Know if you left a window open.

An integrated open/closed state sensor means you can easily check if you left a window open.

Netatmo Tags - App.

Netatmo Tags - Vibration.

Extra protection.

As the Tags sense vibrations, they can alert you even before an intrusion has occurred.

Netatmo Tags - Weatherproof.

Indoor and outdoor.

Installation is easy: simply stick the waterproof Tag to any door or window - inside or outside.

Netatmo Tags - Easy setup.

Seamless setup.

The Tags can be placed up to 80m away from your Netatmo Welcome Camera.

Tags are 100% waterproof and UV resistant so you can place them indoors or outdoors.

Simply stick the one-piece Tag to any door or window. Thanks to a super-strong, removable adhesive on the Tag, no drilling is required.

Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo Tags - Apple App Store

Netatmo Tags - Google Play Store

Netatmo Tags - App

The finer details

Requires the Netatmo Welcome Camera - sold separately.

  • Includes: 3 Netatmo Tags, 3 adhesives strips, 6 AAA batteries.
  • Connectivity: Wireless (up to 80m - less with obstacles).
  • Sensors: Motion/vibration-sensor - Open/closed-sensor.
  • Indoor and outdoor: Resistant to UV, rain and wind.
  • App: Free Netatmo app and webapp.
  • Size: 76 x 15.8 x 30.4 mm.

Additional Information

Name Netatmo Tag Door Window Sensors (3 Pack)
Brand Netatmo
Model NT-TAG
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $179.00


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