Airbnb remote property management

Manage your Airbnb property from anywhere in the World.

Airbnb owners. Gone are the days where you have to rely on your guests to turn OFF the heater / aircon, lights and other costly appliances before leaving. Here are the days where you can do it from the comfort of your couch or a beach in Bali. With a few home automation products, you can manage a number of your property's key functions remotely and ensure your investment is both secure & energy efficient. You can also set up new access codes for your locks wherever you are. Enjoy peace of mind and lower overheads with a simple smart home setup. Let's see how...

Select a Z-Wave Gateway Controller

The Z-Wave controller is the "brains" of your smart Airbnb management system. To get started, simply plug the controller in to your Airbnb's internet router and follow its setup procedure. You can have your controller up and running in under 15 minutes and be ready to begin adding any Z-Wave devices you feel will help you better manage your property.

Choose your Z-Wave devices

With the controller ready-to-go, you can now begin selecting Z-Wave devices for your Airbnb management system. Starting with the most important functions of the property manager - the ones that will maximise your convenience and result in the most significant cost savings - we came up with a list of items that will enable you to:

  • Enable/disable guest access codes to your Airbnb.
  • Control the split-system heater/aircon and lights that may be left on.
  • Monitor your Airbnb's entrance and doors / windows.

Below, you'll find outlines of the recommended 'starter' devices that achieve the above functionality. And remember, you can always start with a simple system and add more devices at any time.

Airbnb Z-Wave Access Control

Airbnb Remote Access Control

Locks overview - Want to check the front door is locked? Or know who last entered your home? Or manage your access codes from wherever you are? With a keyed or keyless Z-Wave lock, you can do all these things. A smart lock will not only make your life more convenient and keep your property secure, it will leave the guests with a quality first impression of your property.

You will also be able to manage access to your Airbnb property remotely... Guests arriving? Add a new access PIN - and when they leave - revoke the PIN code. See how here.

Airbnb Z-Wave Aircon Control

Airbnb Remote Aircon Control

Guests often forget to turn OFF the split-systems before they leave, so the heater or A/C continues to rack up your energy costs until someone drops in to check on the property. This costly inconvenience can be a thing of the past with a Z-Wave split-system controller that puts the remote control in your hand wherever you are. Check your split-systems status, turn it OFF or have it turn off automatically at checkout time. See exactly how here.

Airbnb Z-Wave Lighting Control

Airbnb Remote Lighting Control

Lighting overview - Lights are also commonly left on, and it's always better to have them OFF. The added benefit of Z-Wave controlled lights is security. During off-peak times or when you don't have guests, you can schedule lights to turn ON to simulate the presence of people. Keep anyone that may be watching your precious property guessing if someone's inside.

Airbnb Z-Wave Cameras

Airbnb Remote Cameras

Camera overview - Having eyes on your property when you're not there does wonders for peace of mind. You've all heard the horror stories of guests leaving with items or throwing parties with dozens of people in your home. Not only will a smart indoor or outdoor camera deter this kind of behaviour, it will also give you evidence on the off-chance you have the wild kind of guests.

Airbnb Z-Wave Sensors

Z-Wave Sensors

Z-Wave Sensors will let you you know if your guests left your property secure or vulnerable to potential intruders. You'll never be left wondering if they closed a door or window again. They can also turn on / off lights automatically - greatly reducing energy consumption and offering convenience and security for your guests.


In Closing

Managing an Airbnb can be a stressful. With guests coming and going, access to the property in the form of keys or pass-codes must change hands regularly. And after guests leave, the only way of knowing if costly appliances were left running is to do a walk-through, which cannot be done from your favourite holiday destination.

Being able to pull out your phone and create/remove pass-codes and turn OFF appliances & lights means you won't again be forced to choose between relaxation or potential spending your earnings on wasted energy. How good would that be?

With a smart home system, this is a reality. Now you can sit on a beach and manage your Airbnb simultaneously.
If you have any thoughts or questions, drop a comment below!

Wishing you the best. Have a sip of your Pina Colada for me :)