How to add Fibaro Swipe to Vera

Fibaro Swipe... meet Vera.

We get a lot of enquiries asking… “Can I use the Fibaro Swipe with Vera?”. The short answer… yes you can! However, the setup guide that is included with the Fibaro Swipe is written for the Fibaro Home Center controller (which makes sense), unfortunately the guide doesn’t tell you how to add the Swipe to a Vera (UI7) Z-Wave controller.

That’s where we come in ;)

Here's how to do it…

Make sure your Fibaro Swipe is powered on (I suggest using USB power rather than battery for the setup process) and reasonably close to your Vera.

1. Swipe to Vera

1. Open the Vera UI7 Dashboard using your preferred web browser.

2. Swipe to Vera

2. Select the Devices tab along the left side of your web browser window and then click “Add Device”.

3. Swipe to Vera

3. Choose “Generic Z-Wave Device”.

4. Swipe to Vera

4. Click the "Next" button.

5. Swipe to Vera

5. Click the "Next" button again.

Now you set the Fibaro Swipe into "Pairing Mode" to add it to your Vera...

6. Swipe to Vera

6. Hold the palm of your hand close to the front of the Fibaro Swipe. You will hear a number of “beeps” in quick succession – do not remove your hand until you hear 2 solitary “beeps” (after approx. 7 seconds).

7. Swipe to Vera

7. Now remove your hand and then swipe up in front of the Fibaro Swipe.

This should complete the pairing process. It may take a few attempts to get it right – the beeps threw me the first couple of times (I was too quick). If your attempt fails, keep trying (from the beginning)… we are listening for the last two “beeps” before swiping up.

8. Swipe to Vera

8. Once paired, you will be presented with the option to give it a Name and assign it to a Room.

9. Swipe to Vera

9. Finally, click the “Finish” button.

How to assign Swipe gestures to Vera Scenes…

This part is really easy (the pairing is the hardest part - which may have taken a few attempts to get it done).

10. Swipe to Vera

10. You should now have the Fibaro Swipe available as a Vera Device. Click on the “Arrow” icon to enter the Swipe Configuration page.

11. Swipe to Vera

11. Click on “Select scenes for device buttons”.

12. Swipe to Vera

12. Select a Scene you would like to activate from the drop down list next to each hand gesture.

13. Swipe to Vera

13. Finally, click on “Assign scenes to buttons”.

Not too painful at all. Now you can activate your Vera Z-Wave Scenes with a simple swipe of your hand.

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