INSTEON App on Apple Watch

Control your home from Apple Watch.

It's here. The long awaited Apple Watch has arrived and first impressions and reviews look like Apple have another winner on their hands (or wrists so to speak).

INSTEON have quickly come to the party by extending the INSTEON for Hub app to the Apple Watch.

Now you can monitor and control your INSTEON enabled home from your Apple Watch - all you need is the INSTEON Hub... and an Apple Watch of course. Keep an eye on sensors. Look in on your WiFi cameras. Control and dim lights. Activate a scene with just a tap - all from your wrist - without touching your iPhone.

My first impressions... simply amazing. This is what home automation is supposed to be. Easy, unobtrusive and in typical Apple and INSTEON style - "just works".

It makes so much sense. Rather than getting your iPhone out to activate an INSTEON "movie time" scene - you can activate it from your Apple Watch with just a couple of taps. I am very excited to see where this ends up going, it feels good so far.

Let's take a quick look at some of what you will be able to do with the INSTEON Hub and the Apple Watch...

Your home on Apple Watch

INSTEON Apple Watch Home


Quickly access your Favourites and Scenes or drill down to control any device in your home.

INSTEON Apple Watch Favourites & Devices

Favourites & Devices

Scroll through a list of your home's favorites and devices with the digital crown.

INSTEON Apple Watch Scenes


Change the mood of your entire home with just a tap from your wrist.

Control devices

INSTEON Apple Watch Dimmable devices

Dimmable devices

With just a tap, set the brightness of a dimmable device to any one of four presets.

INSTEON Apple Watch Favourites & Devices

On/Off devices

Quickly and easily control On/Off devices.

INSTEON Apple Watch Scenes


Change the mode of your INSTEON Thermostat between Heat, Cool, Auto and Off.

Monitor your home

INSTEON Apple Watch Push notifications

Push notifications

Instantly receive notice of triggered sensors with Push Notifications to your Apple Watch.

INSTEON Apple Watch Open/Close and motion sensors

Open/Close and motion sensors

Check on the status of your doors and windows and motion sensors.

INSTEON Apple Watch WiFi Cameras

WiFi cameras

See what you're missing - right on your wrist - with video streamed from WiFi cameras.

Not too shabby at all! If you've been waiting for an excuse to get the Apple Watch (like you needed much convincing), this new addition to the INSTEON for Hub App may be enough to push you over the edge :)

As I mentioned at the start of this post, you will need the INSTEON Hub to enjoy home automation on your new Apple Watch.

SmartHome have a number of INSTEON Starter Kits available that include the INSTEON Hub (at a heavily reduced price - which is nice), these are a great place to start if you are looking at getting into home automation with INSTEON. If you already own the INSTEON Hub, grab yourself the Apple Watch and you're good to go - straight out of the box.

If you have been lucky enough to already try the INSTEON for Hub App with the new Apple Watch, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

All the best,

Brad Arthur

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