Vera HTTP Commands

Did you know that you can control the Vera Edge via HTTP commands? This opens it up to a host of other technologies, including web browsers, Tasker, PHP and a lot more; basically any programming language, software or hardware that is capable of sending HTTP.

Welcome to the only place online (that I know of) where you can auto-magically generate your own Vera HTTP API control commands that will allow you to control your Vera Z-Wave devices and scenes.

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Vera Control - HTTP URL Creator

Vera Settings

What type of Vera device would you like to control?

A quick word about security

It is not recommended that you use this link over a public Wi-Fi or mobile network (you never know who is “listening”); it should only be used on your secure, private network.

At no stage is the information you enter above sent over the internet by us - it is completely safe and private (for the technically minded, the above tool was created using Javascript and is only processed client-side).

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