Link Library: For Automation Hubs

Luke Bonnici posted this on 03/06/2019

Link Library: For Automation Hubs

Where do you look for the golden nugget piece of information needed to take your automation system or expertise to the next level?

With a vast amount of resources and step-by-step guides available online, it's not uncommon to jump on Google and try your luck. And while Google is great in many cases, the caveat is that you must be precise with what you search, or you may end up lost in a sea of irrelevant information.

This was our experience anyway, so we created this 'link library' to provide quick and direct access to the most useful home automation resources.

Have a specific query about an automation system? Start your search with the links on this page that will take you to official documentation from the leading home automation companies, rather than Google, and find what you're looking for sooner rather than later.

This page is alive! We think of this page as a ‘living document’, meaning that we’re always looking to add more useful links/resources to the library. If you find a golden nugget of automation wisdom, or a broken link, drop comment below and we’ll adjust the collection as needed.

Explore then Learn: While it’s a good idea to become familiar with the interface and features through exploring each option, a little more is needed to learn the intricacies of the system. Having step-by-step guides at hand while going through a new process will help streamline your journey to getting the most out of your system.

Know what you're looking for

Most of the available automation resources will fall in to one of categories shown below. By identifying which category your query falls under, you'll be able to narrow your search before it begins.

  1. System setup.
  2. Devices.
  3. Creating scenes/automations.
  4. Integrations (including compatibility with other systems).
  5. Mobile Access.

Can't find what you're looking for? On the off-chance you cannot find an answer you're looking for on the manufacturers website, then Google is always your friend. Use the below points to help you narrow down your search.



Fibaro has a great range of resources, from getting started guides to step-by-step tutorials on device or scene configurations. Follow along and you’ll setup your system so it performs the awesome automations you know it’s capable of. All this and more can be accessed from Fibaro’s Knowledge Base.

And if you're looking for specific information about a Fibaro device, the link below has it all.



Aeotec also has great resources which can be found on their support page. Simply click the device you’d like to learn more about and you’ll be taken to a page with all the documentation and information you'll ever need.

Another handy resource is Aeotecs freshdesk page. It contains virtually identical information that in the above link however is laid out in a different format. Have a look at both and see which one you prefer. .


Homey has a great resource section with some easy to follow guides and video tutorials that will help familiarise you with the Homey System.


Vera also has a great resource section with some easy to follow guides and video tutorials that will help familiarise you with the Vera System.

And if you enjoy videos, Vera also has you covered with a YouTube channel that has some nifty tips and tricks on it. .

In Closing

I hope you’ve found this link library useful and now have a starting point from which you can quickly narrow in on the information you're looking for. Keep this page handy by bookmarking it, and use it whenever you’re unsure of how to approach a new challenge. It’s likely someone has written a guide that will help overcome a hurdle you may have, it's just a matter of finding it. If you find a resource you can’t live without, drop a link in the comments.

Best of luck,


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