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Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub


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Thinka is the World's first (and only) official Apple HomeKit certified Z-Wave controller. Thinka brings together the huge product range, speed, power and reliability of Z-Wave and Apple HomeKit-certified products and offers you full control over your smart home via the Apple Home app, an app that is available standard on all Apple products. One app - one interface on all iPhones, iPads, HomePods and Apple Watch. Thinka is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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Thinka for Z-Wave

The World's first Apple HomeKit certified Z-Wave controller.

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - Works with HomeKit

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub

App control

The HomeKit App is already included with your iOS device.

Control of your smart home is never more than a tap away.

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - HomeKit App

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - HomeKit App

Siri voice control

Control your entire Z-Wave enabled smart home using Siri...

from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod.

"Hey Siri, turn off the bedroom light"

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - Siri

Automation control

Create scenes, schedule lighting, automatically open the garage door when you arrive home...

HomeKit Automations make it easy.

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - Automations

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - HomeKit Automations

Why HomeKit?


HomeKit is deeply integrated with Apple devices. In fact, If you have an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV - you already have HomeKit baked right into the Apple operating system.

With it's deep iOS integration, built-in security, Siri voice control and a beautifully designed app - HomeKit should be the first control choice for any Apple centric smart home.

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - Apple Devices

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - Apple Devices

Why Z-Wave?

For over 20 years, Z-Wave has been the pinnacle of wireless smart home automation standards - long before Bluetooth, Zigbee or even WiFi was widely adopted. Z-Wave offers a huge range of smart devices, allowing you to create a smart home perfectly tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Z-Wave is the smart home choice of professionals - for good reason...

Z-Wave - Reliable.


Z-Wave operates on the 921 MHz wireless spectrum - far removed from crowded WiFi frequencies.

Z-Wave is a wireless Mesh system - Each device connected to power repeats the Z-Wave signal.

Z-Wave 700 Series Chipset.


The Thinka Hub includes the latest 700 Series Z-Wave chipset - faster, further and more secure.

The newest Z-Wave. The best Z-Wave.

Z-Wave - Secure.


Z-Wave uses secure, bank-grade AES 128-bit digital end-to-end encryption to communicate.

Devices are not directly exposed on your WiFi network or router - shielded from the outside World.

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - Z-Wave 700 Series

Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub - Apple Devices

Why Thinka?


The Thinka Hub is the World's first (and only) official Apple HomeKit certified Z-Wave controller.

Bringing the best smart home technologies together - Z-Wave and HomeKit.

Thinka - Apple and Z-Wave chipset.

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Siri is not the only voice assistant in town...

Thinka also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Thinka - Apple Homekit Logo

Thinka - Apple Homekit Text

"Hey Siri, turn off the bedroom light"

Thinka - Amazon Alexa Logo

Thinka - Amazon Alexa Text

"Alexa, I'm coming home"

Thinka - Google Home Logo

Thinka - Google Home Text

"Hey Google, it's movie time"


AutomationBridge - Apple HomeKit

AutomationBridge - Amazon Alexa

AutomationBridge - Google Home

Security: HomeKit Alexa Google
Encryption Apple Chip SSL SSL
Network Local Cloud Cloud
Backup & Restore iCloud Yes Yes
Authentication Yes Yes Yes
Switch: HomeKit Alexa Google
On/Off Yes Yes Yes
Outlet Beta Yes Yes
Scene Yes Yes Yes
Push Buttons Beta N/A N/A
Lights: HomeKit Alexa Google
On/Off Yes Yes Yes
Brightness Yes Yes Yes
Colour Yes Yes Yes
Colour Temp. Yes Yes Yes
Adaptive Lighting Beta N/A N/A
Doors: HomeKit Alexa Google
Open/Close Sensor Yes Yes N/A
Garage Door Beta N/A N/A
Thermostats: HomeKit Alexa Google
Temperature Beta Yes Beta
Mode Beta Yes Beta
Heating Beta Yes Beta
Cooling Beta Yes Beta
Sensors: HomeKit Alexa Google
Temperature Yes Yes N/A
Humidty Yes N/A N/A
CO2 Yes N/A N/A
Contact Yes Yes N/A
Motion Yes Yes N/A
Light Level Yes N/A N/A
Leak Beta N/A N/A
Smoke Beta N/A N/A
Window Coverings: HomeKit Alexa Google
Current Position Yes Yes Yes
Target Position Yes Yes Yes
Open / Close Yes Yes Yes
Slat Position Yes In Dev. In Dev.

Additional Information

Name Thinka Z-Wave HomeKit Hub
Brand Thinka
Model ZWC-HK-V2
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $679.00


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