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Vera Edge Z-Wave Controller


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Vera Edge gives you easy and powerful control over Z-Wave enabled lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks, alarm systems and more - compatible with over 1,200 Z-Wave devices. Featuring the latest Z-Wave Plus chipset - further, faster, more secure Z-Wave control.

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The newest Z-Wave. The best Z-Wave.

Introducing the first Z-Wave Plus Certified Gateway Controller in Australia and New Zealand.

Featuring the latest Z-Wave 500 Series chipset... Faster. Further. More secure.

Take control of your Z-Wave enabled smart home.

Your personal dashboard.

You get a screen that lets you command and tailor Vera Edge control functions from your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet - Wherever. Whenever. Even automatically.

Your personal assistant.

It makes possible all kinds of conveniences and savings that you’ll appreciate from day one, and come to love more and more over time as you start to see all the things it can do for you.

What can you do with Vera?

With more than 1,200+ compatible Z-Wave devices the possibilities are nearly endless.

From lights to locks. Thermostats to motion sensors. Vera Edge gives you the freedom of choice - Today and tomorrow.

Vera is your gateway to all these benefits:


Control your energy, your security and your moods! Easily replace your existing ‘dumb’ wall switches and dimmers with smart ones that can be controlled and automated from anywhere.


Take control of your home's energy usage by monitoring and measuring the power your home appliances and lighting are consuming. Save energy. Save money.


Your heating and cooling systems are the biggest energy gobbler in your home. With smart, remote-controllable thermostats you’ll save on heating and cooling bills in no time - and always be comfortable.


Vera lets you bring together the large range of Z-Wave security products to create a secure, safe environment for you and your family. From locks, to motion, to cameras, Vera has you covered.


Scenes allow you to group Z-Wave devices together to create the perfect mood. Ready to watch a movie? Vera will get everything ready (including the popcorn) with the press of one button.


Vera brings a level of intelligence to your home that will simply amaze you. Automatically trigger Z-Wave devices or scenes based on environmental conditions, time of day, temperature and more.

Your smart home, made easy.

Simple, secure and intelligent control and monitoring of your home.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Securely connect to your home from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Anywhere.


Using your existing Wi-FI or cellular data means you can connect from home or away.


Vera's secure cloud servers, safely brokers the connection between you and your home.


Without any complicated setup or configuration, your home becomes internet enabled.

Vera grows with you.


Vera is guaranteed to work with every certified Z-Wave device.

You have the flexibility to freely choose any Z-Wave product that meets your needs.

Today and tomorrow.

Additional Information

Name Vera Edge Z-Wave Controller
Brand Vera
Model ZVE
Product Manual N/A
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $199.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Review by Jim Won 24/11/2018
    I have had this VeraEdge for 6 weeks. 10 or more customer support tickets. Controller is constantly going OFFLINE, leaving you no remote access. Have to unplug controller and plug it back in. Support gives vague answers, tries to blame your internet provider, then after all that says they are having server problems and HOPE to have it fixed by the next firmware update, which there is no timeline for. Obviously support is outsourced, broken english. Here is the last response from them."
    I’m really sorry to hear you are experiencing such of issues.
    There have been reported some several server side issues to our development team, that should be addressed with the next build release.
    If indeed the unit is affected by these, in this case the system should be stable with the next firmware version launched.

    TERRIBLE answer with no solution other than UNPLUG AND RESET. Which is IMPOSSIBLE due to the fact we are offsite, not at the same location as the controller, which is why we need a controller.

    Do not buy this, you will stuck with a system that is down half the time. Buyer beware, this product is not ready for public distribution.
  • Value
    Easy but slow
    Review by Rodney Stewarton 5/10/2017
    This is my first home automation project and I have found the Vera Edge very easy to use, after some re-learning on my part. The speed of the unit is a small concern but for what I need it for it should work fine.
  • Value
    Excellent gateway
    Review by Deanon 12/07/2017
    I have used a number of different Vera gateways and they have all be great and reliable. A Vera Lite, 2 x Vera3's and now a Vera Edge. It does everything that I need it to do and in the not too distant future I plan to increase it's abilities and add a Amazon Echo or similar.
  • Value
    Not for me
    Review by Royon 2/03/2017
    Didn't do what I needed it to and was too slow - smarthome were very helpful and I ended up going with the Fibaro Home Center 2.
  • Value
    Works with amazon echo
    Review by Vicon 29/01/2017
    The fact this now works with amazon echo made it a no brainer for me. Setup with echo was easy enough and works surprisingly well. Thanks.
  • Value
    Very sloooow!
    Review by JSon 7/10/2016
    Seriously slow hardware and painful to use. My Vera 2 was faster! For the money it's ok, does the job. just don't be expecting a fast and responsive system - you will need patience and plenty of it!
  • Value
    A step in the right direction.
    Review by Brian Williamson 5/09/2016
    Upgraded from the Vera 3... this is a much better z-wave controller. Not without its issues though. For the money, it's good value.