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X10 RF to X10 Transceiver Module


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Interfaces up to 16 RF devices and remotes to your X10 system. Also doubles as a plug-in appliance Receiver module.

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The transceiver module is required to interface X10 remotes and other wireless RF transmitters to the power lines. RF signals sent from X10 RF transmitters are received by the transceiver module and then converted into an X10 signal for transmission to your X10 receivers.

Each TM13 works on one X10 House Code, giving you direct control of up to 16 receivers that also operate on the same House Code. However in conjunction with a programmable interface, your remote or other RF wireless transmitter could trigger moods and sequences, enabling it to indirectly control up to 256 receivers.

The TM13 is not limited to work with only one RF transmitter, it can be used with as many remote controls or motion sensors as you require, providing they are set on the same House Code. The TM13 also features a built-in appliance module, fixed to Unit Code #1.

Additional Information

Name X10 RF to X10 Transceiver Module
Brand X10
Model TM13
Product Manual No
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $59.00


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