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Home Automation - Where to start
Actiontec HDMI AV Sender
DIY Home Security


This changes everything.

AutomationBridge - Voice Assistants

Add AutomationBridge to your Z-Wave Gateway Controller and instantly integrate your Z-Wave Scenes and Devices with...

AutomationBridge - Amazon Alexa Logo

AutomationBridge - Amazon Alexa Text

Easily add your Z-Wave devices and scenes for quick and responsive voice control using Amazon Alexa.

AutomationBridge - Apple Homekit Logo

AutomationBridge - Apple Homekit Text

"Hey Siri, turn on the bedroom light". Include your Z-Wave devices and scenes with Apple HomeKit.

AutomationBridge - Google Home Logo

AutomationBridge - Google Home Text

"Hey Google, Turn on movie time". Include your Z-Wave devices and scenes with Google Assistant.

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Chuango Wireless DIY Home Alarm Security System


Home security is important - choosing the right home security alarm system is even more important.

See why the Chuango wireless alarm system was recently voted "Intruder Alarm Product of the Year" by industry experts at the IFSEC & FIREX awards.

Z-Wave Home Automation Australia


The Z-Wave system offers the largest range of home automation products in Australia and New Zealand.

From lighting control to security and everything in-between. If you can think of a smart home application, Z-Wave will likely have a product that can do it.

Samsung Smartthings Australia


SmartThings is the easy (and affordable) way to instantly turn your home into a smart home.

It all starts with the SmartThings Hub... you then add compatible SmartThings devices - including Z-Wave devices, Philips Hue, Logitech Harmony and more.

Philips hue Personal Lighting System


Colour your world with Philips Bulbs, Bloom Lamp and Light Strips. Set the mood. Feel different.

Experiment with s of white, from invigorating blue to cosy, soft yellow. Or play with all the colours in the spectrum... all from your smartphone or tablet.

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