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From Michelle on 21/08/2019

Q: Can this work with Vera plus so you can set up scenes when the alarm is turned on / off?

A: This system is not compatible with Z-Wave controllers - it is a dedicated, stand-alone alarm system.

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From Michael on 24/12/2018

Q: Hi there,
I have a few questions.

1. Can the system be armed/disarmed remotely using the smartphone app?

2. Can it work with Google Home?

3. What is the battery life for each of the devices (main unit, PIR'S, etc.)


A: 1. Yes, you can use the free app for Android and Apple to arm/disarm the system - the app will send an SMS automatically to the system.

2. No, it cannot work with Google Home.

3. The battery life for the sensors is 4-5 years.

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From Andrew C on 09/11/2018

Q: There is self monitoring mentioned in this article. Can you still employ traditional contracted home monitoring if desired?

A: This system is designed as a self monitoring alarm - it is not compatible with back to base monitoring.

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From Tom on 02/07/2018

Q: Doest the system have a battery backup in case the power is shut off?

A: Yes, the control panel includes battery backup (operates up to 10 hours without power). The system will also send an SMS message when power is lost and then restored.

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From Edmond Borg on 27/07/2016

Q: Can the system be accessed and controlled via ip addresss through a browser or is it just via the mobile app? Also just confirming the system you're selling is the G5, as the product images are of the G3 system.

A: Hi Edmond,

The Chuango system can be setup/controlled via the free app and text messaging - it is not IP based, which means it will still operate even if your internet connection is lost (it uses the 3G wireless network). The system we stock is the latest G5-W model. I hope this helps.

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From Edmond Borg on 23/07/2016

Q: How well does the system integrate with the Fibaro Home Centre 2 Gateway ? Would you provide some guidance on the integration if I purchased?

A: Hi Edmond,

There is very little integration between the Chuango security system and Fibaro Home Center 2. You could connect a Fibaro Binary module to the Chuango console that would allow the alarm to trigger scenes within Home Center 2. However, the HC2 can actually be setup as a very capable alarm system in itself. Please call or email us if you would like more details on how to do this.

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From Mick on 24/08/2015

Q: Will the sensors transmit through a concrete floor? ie. garage under

A: The wireless range on the security accessories is excellent, however each home and installation is unique. From what you have described, I think it should work fine. There is also a Chuango Wireless Signal Repeater available which will significantly increase the wireless strength and strength if it is required.

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From jack on 06/05/2015

Q: do the motion sensors require mains power?

A: The Motion Sensors are battery powered (2 x AA). Using good quality Alkaline batteries, you can expect around 5 years use before needing to replace the batteries.

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From Finn L on 13/01/2015

Q: What would be the cheapest GSM Sim card i could install into the system?

A: You can use any Micro SIM card and carrier. I would recommend looking at the ALDi Pay as You Go ( SIM. You can purchase a SIM for $15 (with $5 credit included). Most importantly, any credit you load onto the SIM lasts for 12 months. SMS messages are only 12 cents and it uses the Telstra network (by far the best coverage around Australia). Regardless of who you choose to go with, I strongly recommend a pre-paid plan and to make sure any credit that is loaded lasts for 12 months (otherwise you may waist any unused credit). I hope this helps.

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