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From Amit on 08/07/2020

Q: Hi.

I would like to purchase this product and link it to my Amazon Alexa home automation. I searched online and I will need to download the FIBARO Smart Home Skill and/or the FIBARO Custom Skill.

However, I searched in my Alexa app for these skills and there are none. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

A: For any Z-Wave product, you will need a Z-Wave "hub" ( - you would then use the associated skill for the hub.

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From Craig Porter on 17/01/2019

Q: Can the Fibaro Single Switch 2 be added to an existing 2 way / hallway switch configuration?

A: Yes, this module is compatible with 2/3 way switching - we only need one module behind one of the switches - no new wiring is required.

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From Ed on 21/12/2018

Q: Can these smart switch controllers be used to trigger HomeKit accessories. For example, pressing the switch will turn on the ‘dumb’ overhead lights but also tell HomeKit to turn on the Philips Hue smart bulbs in my table lamps?

Is this achievable by perhaps using a Z-wave automation bridge? If so do the Z wave controllers then appear in HomeKit as a switch that can be assigned to activate a scene?


A: Using the AutomationBridge with a compatible Z-Wave controller will indeed allow all of your Z-Wave devices to appear as HomeKit devices - you can then use them in HomeKit without limitation.

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From Greg on 08/04/2018

Q: Can the Fibaro Single Switch 2 be used in a two wire (Active+Load) configuration like the dimmers can. If so, how?
The manual just shows 3-wire (Active+Neutral+Load) connections as far as I can see.

A: No, only the Dimmer 2 can be used in a 2-wire install.

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From Mathew on 07/01/2018

Q: New to home automation and doing some research for ideas for our house. We want to retain full use of the existing switches as well as operating via smart phone etc. Will these smart switches allow this, that is, no matter which position the manual switch is in, you can perform the opposite option with a smart device? Or does the manual switch need to be on for the smart switch to work?

A: yes, the modules will work with existing switches and still maintain manual and "smart" control. I hope this helps :)

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