Shelly HTTP API Command Control Tool

Shelly HTTP API Command Control Tool

Shelly HTTP API Control Generator

Did you know that you can control your Shelly devices via HTTP commands? This opens it up to a host of other technologies, including web browsers, Tasker, PHP and a lot more; basically any programming language, software or hardware that is capable of sending HTTP Post commands.

Welcome to the only place online (that we know of) where you can auto-magically generate your own Shelly HTTP API control commands that will allow you to control various Shelly devices over your local network.

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Shelly Device Settings

What type of Shelly device would you like to control?

Shelly Relay (On/Off) Control

Shelly Relay Control URL

Shelly Dimmer Control


Shelly Dimmer Control URL

Shelly RGBW Control

Shelly RGBW Control URL

Shelly Motor Control


Shelly Motor Control URL

A quick word about security

This tool is designed to control your Shelly devices over your own local, secure and private network. At no stage is the information you enter above sent over the internet (for the technically minded, the above tool was created using Javascript and is only processed client-side directly in your web browser).

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