6 benefits of a Smart Home

The ‘home’ redefined | An interactive and convenient way of life.

The world around us is becoming more intelligent and more connected; The wealth of human knowledge is available at our fingertips, cars can drive themselves, and we can have food delivered to our door with a few clicks of a button. Yet we still live in homes much the same way as our grandparents did. But this old way of life is set to drastically change…

The 20th century home.

The humble home was built with a specific purpose in mind: to put a roof over our heads and provide a place of residence from which we can base our lives. And 20th century homes achieved this so successfully that we we’ve pretty much stuck to the same recipe to build a home for the last 100 years.
20th century home
Sure, modern homes are larger, built with different materials, more comfortable and filled with cool technology, but fundamentally, they’re an empty shell which we fill with our possessions, creature comforts and warmth of our family.

Welcome to the 21st century home.

The home of the 21st century will come to life with smart systems and tools that will enable them to function at greater efficiency, while offering unparalleled convenience and security to families living in them.
21st century home

Your home will be smart enough to manage and conserve resources, reduce waste, be more secure and interactive –  and we’ll develop a deeper connection with them. Life in the 21st century is set to be more comfortable, secure and productive than ever before.

And with major advancements within the home automation industry making this era-defining technology (and its benefits) more affordable than ever, everyone is set to experience the power of home automation. So what benefits can you expect from your new smart home?

6 reasons why living in a smart home is awesome.

Let’s take a look at some of  the benefits to living in a smart home…

1. More free time

ime is the our most precious resource, and we spend a lot of it performing menial and repetitive tasks that ‘must’ be done. Imagine if all these things happened with a simple voice command or automatically? With smart home technology, they can. Free up time so you can spend it on the things you care about.
More free time

2. More money in your pocket

It’s expensive to live inefficiently. You end up paying for energy you don’t need and your dollar doesn’t go as far. Make your hard earned money go further by installing a smart system, and you can be sure your home will operate more efficiently, saving you up to 30% on your energy bill.
Save money

3. Lower environmental impact

An inefficient home also results in greater emissions and environmental impact. Improve your home’s efficiency and you’ll improve your home’s carbon footprint, playing a necessary part in the transition to a more sustainable World.
Environmental impact

4. Peace of mind

Forgot to turn off your clothes iron? Forgot to lock your door? Did I arm the alarm? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t – we’ve all been there. With a smart home you’ll be able to make sure your home, possessions and family are safe and secure – from wherever you are.

Safe and secure

5. Comfort and convenience

The remote control was a revolutionary invention that reinvented the user-experience. Now, you can have a remote control for your entire home. Or even better, a voice controller. Or even better than that, imagine if your home knew what you liked and was ready for you in advance. Having a smart home is like having a personal butler that caters to your needs.

Comfort and convenience

6. Entertainment and fun

Our homes not only offer us shelter and security, they are also where memories are made… with family and with friends. A smart home doesn’t have to be all serious – it can be really fun too. From entertaining, playing games or even partying… a smart home can make your home way more fun!
Entertainment and fun

In closing...

I hope after reading this that you’re excited to be part of this bright new age, and that you now know how smart home technology can help you enjoy a more productive, secure, fun and streamlined way of life.

If you begin to think of your home as a having a personality, rather than just a place of shelter, you’ll develop a connection with it like never before and have more fun with it.

And if you have a reason you love living in a smart home, or if you’re interested in home automation and want to learn more, drop a comment below – or contact us – we’re always happy to help.


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