SmartThings and Aeotec

SmartThings and Aeotec – A Connected Family

Since 2013, Samsung SmartThings has become the most popular smart home platforms available – with well over 63 million active users. SmartThings is forging ahead with plans to accelerate the creation of an open IoT ecosystem powered by its technology. In late early 2021, Samsung signed a Worldwide agreement with Aeotec to distribute and expand the lineup of SmartThings hardware devices. Aeotec Group has been a valued SmartThings partner for many years, as well as a recognised leader in the design and development of SmartHome devices since 2003.

“Our customers have long depended upon SmartThings in order to realise their personal vision of their own automated home. The entire team at Aeotec Group, along with our partners, couldn’t be more thrilled to further our relationship with SmartThings, and to expand our product portfolio for consumers that have come to trust both Aeotec and SmartThings.”

Samsung will continue to develop the SmartThings software and integration platform – Aeotec will manage the SmartThings hardware portfolio. This partnership builds upon Aeotec’s world-class experience and commitment to quality in manufacturing smart home devices. Samsung are pleased to collaborate with a company that customers trust and excited to continue bringing SmartThings into every home around the World.

Availability of Aeotec SmartThings hardware

The newly branded Aeotec SmartThings Hub and sensors were originally due to land in Australia mid January 2021 – However, like a lot of plans throughout 2020 (we are looking at you Covid) – the rebranding and manufacturing process has not been as smooth as we would have liked. There have been some supply chain issues for key components that has caused a significant delay in manufacturing. It has now been confirmed that SmartThings stock will land late August 2021. We have confirmation from the factories that manufacturing has begun and there will be no further delays.

At SmartHome, we are delighted to be a close partner of Aeotec here in Australia and New Zealand – and we look forward to bringing the new Aeotec branded SmartThings hardware to our valued smart home community. We are confident the wait will be worth it, with not only the SmartThings products we have come to know and love becoming available again in late August… Aeotec have also indicated they will be expanding the SmartThings hardware lineup – with some exciting new additions to the SmartThings ecosystem due for release throughout 2022 and beyond.

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