Questions about 6MP HikVision WDR Dome IP Camera

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From Mike on 25/11/2019

Q: Hi there, does this cam or any of the other external cams featured on the Smarthome site work seamlessly with the Chuango home security system?

A: I am sorry to say we do not have an external camera that will work with the Chuango app.

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From David Anderson on 29/10/2018

Q: hi Have you had any issues getting Hikvision cameras to work with ui7. I can get the screen shot but when I save and go the cameras page it come up with not connected??
Any help please

A: I can say with confidence the older 4MP models worked with Vera without issue - we have not tested the 6MP models yet (as they are very new) - we will do some testing to see if there are any "tricks" in getting them working with Vera.

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From Cameron on 04/08/2018

Q: Hi are the HikVision products compatible with any z wave controllers?


A: Yes. Both the Vera and Fibaro Home Center can pickup on the live video feeds of the HikVision cameras over your local network.

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