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How to make your motorised gate or garage door smart

How to make your motorised gate or garage door smart

Motorised garage doors and gates

Most of us would use our motorised garage door or gate at least twice a day (or more).  It is one of those conveniences we rarely think about… until of course we are halfway down the street and get that sinking feeling… did I close the garage door? We have all been there, doing a quick u-turn only to drive past to find we did indeed close it – until that one time we didn’t!

Making your garage door or gate “smart” has so many advantages, beyond just peace of mind. You will never fumble for your garage door remote again… you can simply ask Alexa, Google or Siri to open your garage door. Or you can ask… “Hey Siri, is the garage door closed”? Better still, you could setup a “geo-fence” on your smartphone that detects when your car is close to home and opens the garage door for you – all without you needing to press a button or say anything.

Best of all, it’s really easy to make virtually any motorised garage door or gate “smart”… it takes about 15 minutes and is completely DIY. Let us show you how…

Smart garage doors and gates

It’s a little known fact that it is actually rather easy to make your garage door and gate “smart”. It’s simply done by connecting two low-voltage wires from a smart garage door and gate controller, such as the iSmartGate, to two terminals on your garage door or gate motor. Like this…

iSmartGate Motor Connection

That’s basically it! Your garage door or gate motor is now controllable by your iSmartGate controller. There is one last piece of the puzzle – we need to know if the garage door or gate is open or closed. For this, we use the included wireless Tilt Sensor (sectional and tilt garage doors) or the wireless Open/Close Sensor (garage roller doors and gates).

Garage Roller Doors & Gates

Garage Roller Doors and Gates

This wireless iSmartGate sensor works by detecting when the magnet is pulled away from the main body – making it suitable for garage roller doors and gates.

Sectional and Tilt Garage Doors

This wireless iSmartGate tilt sensor works by detecting when it is vertical (closed) or horizontal (open) – perfect for tilt or sectional garage doors.

By attaching the right iSmartGate sensor to your garage door or gate, you will always know its current status… open or closed. Brilliantly simple and clever!

Which iSmartGate option is right for me?

iSmartGate essentially have two models to choose from… Lite (control of one garage door or gate) and Pro (control of up to 3 garage doors and/or gates). Within the Lite and Pro range, we choose which type of garage door or gate to control… Tilt & Sectional or Garage Roller Door or Gate (the only thing that changes here is which sensor above is included).

Sectional and Tilt Garage Doors

Select this option to control your sectional or tilt garage door.
Sectional Garage Doors
Tilt Garage Doors

Garage Roller Doors and Motorised Gates

Select this option to control your garage roller door or motorised gate.
Garage Roller Doors
Motorised Swing or Sliding Gates

Standard or Pro?

The standard iSmartGate allows control of a single garage door or gate.
The Pro version allows control for up to 3 garage doors or gates.




Number of Doors Supported

circle-1 circle-3

Remote Access

tick tick

Status Alerts

tick tick

Apple HomeKit

tick tick

Google Assistant

tick tick


tick tick


tick tick

Amazon Alexa (using IFTTT)

tick tick

Wireless Sensor

tick tick

Wired Sensor

cross tick

User Management

tick tick

Visual Acoustic Alarm

tick tick

Open & Close Custom Music

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Keep in mind, although the Pro version can control up to 3 gates or garage doors, they would each need to be within wiring distance from the iSmartGate controller to the motors. Each Pro iSmartGate kits includes one wireless sensor (Tilt or Open/Close Sensor) – you can add more wireless (or wired) sensors to cover your additional garage doors or gates.

In summary

The iSmartGate is an incredibly useful smart device that is easy to install, not too expensive and will literally change your life (perhaps not in a profound way, but certainly from a “convenience and peace of mind” kind of way). For me, this device is one of the easiest wins when comes to making your home smart. You will use it every day, it is compatible with all the major voice assistants (including Siri through Apple HomeKit).  And you will never question if you closed the garage door again, no matter where you are.  Try it… if you don’t love it, return it for a full refund (hint, we have not had a single return yet!). If you need some advice or want to confirm that this product will work with your garage or gate motor, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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