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Fibaro Z-Wave Micro Dimmer 2


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New version - The Fibaro Z-Wave Micro Dimmer (V2) is a highly configurable z-wave dimmer with features such as soft start and memory of the last lighting level settings. This is a 2 or 3 wire device so it does not require a neutral connection.

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The most advanced Z-Wave micro dimmer in the world.

Thanks to its innovative design, precision engineering and advanced features, Fibaro Dimmer 2 is the perfect choice for Z-Wave dimmable lighting control.

Fibaro Z-Wave Micro Dimmer 2

The Fibaro Dimmer 2 is a genuine revolution in Z-Wave lighting control.

Z-Wave 500 Series Chipset.

Z-Wave 500 Series Chipset.

The newest Z-Wave. The best Z-Wave. Fibaro Dimmer 2 is built using the latest 500 Series Chipset and Z-Wave Plus protocol. Faster. Further. More secure.

Automatic detection and calibration.

Automatic detection and calibration.

Using proprietary technology, Fibaro Dimmer 2 intelligently senses the type of connected light source and automatically adjusts and calibrates itself to suit.

Leading and trailing edge.

Leading and trailing edge.

The first micro dimmer in the World to offer the possibility to control both leading edge and the trailing edge lighting – including dimmable LED lighting.

No neutral wire? No problem.

With or without neutral wire.

The Fibaro Dimmer 2 is designed in such a way that it can operate without the need for a neutral wire, so you can use it in older electrical systems as well.

Power monitoring.

Power monitoring.

With the new Fibaro Dimmer 2, you can monitor the energy consumption of the connected lighting making it easier to conserve energy and save money.

Works with any switch.

Works with any switch.

You are free to express yourself and use almost any light switch you like (or none at all). Fibaro Dimmer 2 will work with momentary, toggle, 2-way or 3-way switches.

New design.

New design – Easier installation.

The Dimmer 2 is now equipped with larger connecting terminals, make it easier and faster for your licensed electrician to install. This will save time and therefore – money on installation costs.

Fibaro Dimmer 2 now also includes Over the Air Updates (AOT) - this means your Dimmer 2 can easily be updated (wirelessly) to new firmware versions when they become available. You will always benefit from any new functionalities and features without needing to purchase a new module.

Easier setup and configuration.

The built-in RGB diode is a perfect source of information during the setup and installation process. It will show you when the Fibaro Dimmer 2 has been included or excluded from your Z-Wave network.

You will also see whether the calibration or software update have successfully completed. You can also check the Z-Wave network range.

Status LEDs Line 1

Status LEDs Line 2

Status LEDs Line 3

Easier setup and configuration.

The finer details

  • Automatic Detection of a light source through advanced internal calibration
  • Power Metering
  • Compatible with 2 and 3 wire electrical systems
  • Supports both leading and trailing edge
  • Configuration menu with LED status
  • Newest generation, powerful 500 Z-Wave Chip
  • New Z-Wave Plus protocol
  • Built-in scene activation
  • Security and Notification class
  • Complete DEKRA and Z-Wave Certification
  • Radio Protocol: Z-Wave 921Mhz (Approved Aus. / NZ)
  • Antenna Range: Up to 50 meters indoors
  • Power Source: 110 V - 240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Output Power: 50 - 250W (for resistive loads - 230V)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 43 x 38 x 22 mm

Additional Information

Name Fibaro Z-Wave Micro Dimmer 2
Brand Fibaro
Model FGD-212
Product Manual Fibaro Z-Wave Micro Dimmer 2 Product Manual
Warranty 12 Months (+ Free 12 month extended warranty)
RRP $119.00


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Quality product
    Review by R Homeson 11/05/2016
    Fast delivery, thank you. Fibaro products are not the cheapest but they are the best.
  • Value
    Worked where others wouldn't
    Review by Rainoron 4/05/2016
    I tried 2 other cheaper z-wave dimmer modules. Both wouldn't work with my led lights (lights flickered badly when dimming). It cost me small fortune to find out the hard way (3 visits from my electrician). I hope this review saves someone else from waisting their time and money. If you have led lights, don't bother with anything else. The fibaro dimmer did the job nicely.
  • Value
    Very good product
    Review by Xi Yuangon 27/12/2015
    I have 13 fibaro dimmer modules install so far and they all work perfectly. very good product.